‘Idol’ Winner Maddie Poppe Reveals Her One Regret On The Show

Season 16 of American Idol left the nation glued to their TV screens. From the endless talent to the blooming of young love, it was an unforgettable season at best. But even after the incredible competition ended, winner Maddie Poppe has one thing she wishes she could redo. https://www.facebook.com/LivetheValley/photos/bc.AbpRVHyQbR6JNilxCT7Q750ArjFJbmUlyeNiLaZdsUbn-t1grZq009PnoqpKBzLg3e5X_TIQMJd9em4pkf2YIp-naWfC1G-L4MfO4VD4pOgPOA8FVgvmX2YRxj9Nf9NXSnLCq9qxgSgCtT9rwSHqvj0lNsWBH-Z6BvnbL0bnF62-Ow/965459393627421/?type=1&opaqueCursor=AbpnTgeHLYEiEw77AzgkImOvoGVqyixOZJudW16GH9EPPJmn7Xjwh2DCPM5zXQdGJ-A5J6SbiwdUBSsVqt_THJulU6YLUGjjOgk4v2iyOuSabH4URb3fRaDObXAKrxUX8MD_xhymNC733uCX3xLZBYr-8GEawH5h_43NlYY7EpLYiP7lfxwMfz8YhaJfL31pSkL6GDp5SsUne3vbwfowTSxC4MQ6zkieAzOJh3TW1g_oKk8wCDgV4nJZBm64BXvCoOP4oqwga9sKdd_nOwM-WYBP38P5woKa1X_2_Y7luGscGV1k4vHvAokxzgQVkGU9_G8oDjpIzg59i9E–w6wOhiQyXitKL36lsgWEXV3GnK91H5dBD6IFnwe0VIAnPJ2T_P8bA8bYkYbT2vLDcCAW7TGcgEOxBEBLBEqosKC3ydofdUe4tpiI0wJisP0zK2pHhA&theater   Maddie’s Journey Maddie Poppe stunned

Favorite ‘Idol’ Couple Returns To Stage For Flirty Disney Cover

One of the best stories to come out of American Idol in years is the romance between last year’s winner, Maddie Poppe, and her runner-up boyfriend, Caleb Lee Hutchinson. The couple went public with their relationship during the finale episode of the 2018 season, and we haven’t been able to get enough of them since.

Even Mickey Mouse Loved This Country Group’s Cover Of A Beloved Disney Classic

The Disney Songs That Define Childhood Nothing has the power to drum up sentimental feelings quite like your favorite Disney songs. Classics such as “Part of Your World” and “The Circle of Life” have served as part of the soundtrack that has defined many of our childhoods. As proof of Disney’s timeless quality, even songs

Crowd Goes Wild As Luke Bryan Lights Up Stage With Former ‘Idol’ Star

It was just earlier this year that 19-year-old Caleb Lee Hutchinson was the runner-up on the sixteenth season of American Idol. During his audition, all three judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie voted “yes” for him to continue on. From there, his entire world changed. Not only did Hutchinson meet his girlfriend, who

Rare Video Discovered Of ‘Idol’ Star Slaying “Simple Man” At Age 13

American Idol runner-up Caleb Lee Hutchinson has quite a story to tell. The Dallas, Georgia, native learned to play guitar at age 12 and quickly became a local celebrity as he played and sang at every opportunity. https://www.instagram.com/p/Brp1itOADc0/ Hutchinson didn’t shy away from the spotlight. In fact, he auditioned for The Voice when he was

‘Idol’ Finalist Gabby Barrett Tackles Carrie Underwood’s ‘Cry Pretty’

Carrie’s Powerful Comeback Single Strikes A Chord Ever since it was released in April 2018, country fans couldn’t stop chatting about Carrie Underwood’s “Cry Pretty.” The song created quite the buzz when it was released, as fans noted how it had Underwood hitting higher and more powerful notes than they had ever heard before. "I'm