Simon Calls 5-Year-Old Drummer’s “AGT” Audition “Brilliant”

America's Got Talent / YouTube

The audience at the 2024 America’s Got Talent auditions knew they were in for a treat when a pint-sized performer walked on stage.

Standing in front of a full drum set and holding his drumsticks in his hand, 5-year-old Chrisyius Whitehead conversed with judge Simon Cowell before auditioning for the talent show.

It seemed that he and Cowell had a conversation backstage because he already knew Chrisyius’ name!

When asked what he would do with the $1 million prize money, Chrisyius said, “I would share it with poor people and homeless people and everybody in this whole world!”

This comment made the entire audience say, “Aw!” Cameras panned to his parents, who looked so proud even before he started performing!

Chrisyius Whitehead's parents during his "America's Got Talent" audition
America’s Got Talent / YouTube

Cowell asked him, “If you had a little bit left over, what would you buy yourself?”

Chrisyius instantly replied, “I would buy 200 bags of slime and squishy toys.”

Fellow judge Heidi Klum chimed in by saying, “I love how you can make [the slime] fart in your hands!”

“Yes, ma’am,” Chrisyius replied, melting the hearts of America.

Chrisyius revealed he began playing the drums when he was just one year old.

“No more questions, you just have the best time of your life,” Cowell told him.

Chrisyius walked behind his drum set and the judges couldn’t tell if he was standing or sitting! All they knew was that he looked so cute behind that full-sized drum set!

Stevie Wonder’s song “Faith” began playing and Chrisyius looked ready to go.

He eased into the performance with a few simple beats, but then he took off running with a drum performance that would be difficult for most adult drummers!

America’s Got Talent / YouTube

The audience, along with the judges, were amazed by his talent and he had everyone cheering on their feet in no time.

When it came time for judging, the four panelists were incredibly honest.

Howie Mandell said he “did great,” while Heidi Klum added, “You’re better than most adults that are trying to do this. I can’t believe you’re only five years old!”

Sofia Vergara told him, “I love that I can tell that you’re enjoying it. You’re so good at it and you’re so handsome, also!”

Cowell said, Howie, when you said he was great I am gonna disagree. Because I think he was brilliant.”

He continued, “Your timing was unbelievable. Your showmanship was unbelievable, and I can tell that you are doing something that you love. Being a great drummer means you are the coolest person on the planet right now.”

All four judges unanimously voted Chrisyius through to the next round! We can’t wait to see what he will perform next.

Watch his “brilliant” audition below.