Duck Dynasty’s Lisa Robertson Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Lisa Robertson / Instagram

Lisa Robertson, the wife of Duck Dynasty‘s Al Robertson, appeared on her husband’s podcast Unashamed to open up about her recent cancer diagnosis.

Al revealed her diagnosis on the April 3rd episode of Unashamed, which he hosts with his dad, Phil, and younger brother, Jase.

Unashamed / YouTube

For years, Al was known to Duck Dynasty fans as the “Beardless Brother” because he was the only Robertson brother who didn’t sport their signature long beard. He also didn’t appear on the show until Season 4, mainly due to his duties as a pastor.

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Al revealed his wife had breast cancer on the Unashamed podcast.

During the episode, Al said, “[We] found out this week, just within the last week, that Lisa has breast cancer.

He revealed his wife found “a knot” and got it checked out. They found out it was breast cancer, and she will require major surgery in the coming months.

This news came shortly after the family revealed that the Robertson matriarch, Miss Kay, was in the hospital. 

Lisa appeared on the April 15th episode, where she revealed her shock at finding out the news. Al revealed that a month prior, he went in for testing for possible prostate cancer, but got the all-clear.

He said it was hard to process that one of them got a clean bill of health when the other didn’t, but because they are in a devoted marriage, they are still battling Lisa’s cancer together.

“My initial thing was, ‘Well, why not me?'” Lisa said. “I have so many friends that this has happened to people in the church, people all across the world that this has happened to.”

She added, “In the pro-life ministry, we talk about the lies that the pro-abortion people tell. One of those lies is that it has no consequences to your body or your mind. It’s so not true. I’ve told before those lies that they’ve told me. One of the things that the pro-life people say is there is a greater chance for women who have had abortions to have breast cancer.”

All chimed in, “[There’s] like a 34% increase.”

Lisa continued, “One of the reasons that is because whenever you become pregnant, your body starts producing cells to feed your child. And when you have an abortion, those cells don’t go anywhere. If you miscarry or something, your body flushes those cells because it’s a natural thing.”

Lisa has been open about having an abortion when she got pregnant at 16 years old. 41 years later, she received a breast cancer diagnosis and said that she does not feel like she did this to herself or feels guilty about it.

She said, “I feel like this is just another part of my story that God is gonna help me to bless other people with.”

“After this, I’m telling everybody. Because I don’t want anybody to have to go through this.”

We wish Lisa nothing but the best and pray she overcomes this. See her full interview below.