“Duck Dynasty” Star Phil Robertson Reveals Miss Kay Is In The Hospital

Phil and Kay Robertson of

Phil Robertson "The Duck Commander" / Facebook

Miss Kay, The Wife Of Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson, Is In The Hospital

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame recently shared the news on Episode 850 of his Unashamed podcast that his wife, Miss Kay, is in the hospital.

Phil spoke about Miss Kay’s hospitalization on the podcast with their sons, Al and Jase, and nephew, Zach. The topic came up because Phil shared how he’s been feeling lonely lately, and doesn’t have much of a connection to the outside world.

That’s when Phil said, “Miss Kay’s in the hospital, she’s sick.”

She’s been sick,” Al added.

Phil Robertson shared his wife Miss Kay is in the hospital
Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander” / Facebook

The Robertsons didn’t share any specifics about what is wrong with Miss Kay and why she is in the hospital. The title of the podcast did refer to her being hospitalized “again.”

Miss Kay is 76 years old, while Phil is turning 78 in April. Her hospitalization has made him think a bit more about aging, as he shared, “My days are beginning to slow down a little bit, you know what I’m saying?”

But Phil said he personally is in good health. He feels no aches or pains, and he “weighs what you oughta weigh.”

Phil & Kay Robertson’s Past Was The Subject Of A Biopic Called The Blind 

Phil and Miss Kay shared a glimpse into the struggles they faced in the early years of their marriage through their 2023 film The Blind. The movie showed how the couple made it through those struggles after Phil devoted himself to his Christian faith.

The release of The Blind prompted Phil to reflect on his decades-long marriage to Miss Kay. He praised her in multiple Instagram posts, including one where he said:

Miss Kay, I love you, and I’m grateful to my bones that you kept on loving me.

Phil also dedicated an emotional post to Miss Kay on Valentine’s Day this year. He said:

“Miss Kay, you were the perfect girl for me back when we were teenagers, and you still are. There was a time when I was a low-down, out-of-control drunk. But there you were, cleaning up my messes and believing with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength that Jesus would be there to wash away my sins. I repented and came to know Jesus as Lord. And you forgave like he did.”

Our prayers go out to Miss Kay. Hear Phil talk about her hospital stay in the video from his Unashamed podcast below.