Fate Of New “Duck Dynasty” Family Show Confirmed

Fox Nation / YouTube

Robertson Family Of Duck Dynasty Fame Appears In New Show On Fox’s Streaming Service

Last year, a new show starring members of the Robertson family debuted on Fox Nation, Fox’s streaming service. The show is called Duck Family Treasure, and features Jase, Jep, Missy, and Jessica Robertson. Duck Dynasty fan-favorite Uncle Si also appears on the show.

Duck Family Treasure follows the Robertsons across the U.S. as they search for special artifacts and other treasures. They also have the opportunity to explore a few mysteries along the way.

Based on the prior success of Duck Dynasty, fans believed Duck Family Treasure would be a hit as well. But was it?


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Is Duck Family Treasure Getting A Second Season?

Duck Family Treasure must have been successful, because Fox Nation just announced it’s getting a second season! The Hollywood Reporter shared the news of the show’s renewal on May 24.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the first episode of Duck Family Treasure’s second season will premiere on Fox Nation on Sunday, June 11.

The season contains ten episodes in total, and the first five will start being released in June. The last five episodes of the season will start being released in December.


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Uncle Si Takes All The Treasure In Hilarious Promo For Show’s Second Season

Duck Family Treasure also shared a sneak peek at its second season.

A video shows Jase and Jep sitting with Uncle Si on the porch. They let him know they have something to tell him. They start praising him, telling him he’s their hero and they appreciate how he blazed the trail for them.

Uncle Si starts laughing, knowing that the boys are up to something. That’s when they realize their plan isn’t working.

“You’re not gonna share that treasure with us, are you?” Jase asks.

The camera cuts to Uncle Si, who suddenly has a bunch of treasure in his lap. “You talking about this treasure? Nope! Finders keepers, you found it, I keep it!”

Watch the hilarious teaser for the second season of Duck Family Treasure below.