Why Kevin Costner Didn’t Worry About How “Horizon” Would Do At The Box Office

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The First Film In Kevin Costner’s Horizon Saga Debuted On June 28

Kevin Costner’s Horizon is a huge passion project for him. The former Yellowstone star invested $38 million of his own funds into its creation.

Horizon is set to become a four-part Western movie saga. The first installment debuted in theaters on June 28, and the second is scheduled for release on August 16.

The third film is currently in production. Costner started sharing photos from the set in May.


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Despite all the hype surrounding Horizon‘s first chapter, the film didn’t lead at the box office during its opening weekend. The movie came in third place behind A Quiet Place: Day One and Inside Out 2.

According to Variety, Horizon grossed $11 million at the box office over its opening weekend. The film had a reported budget of $100 million.

Costner Previously Spoke About The Value He Places In Box Office Results

While box office numbers obviously matter, they don’t mean everything to Costner, especially regarding Horizon. Before the first movie’s debut, he told Entertainment Weekly he wouldn’t dwell on the film’s results from opening weekend.

“I’ve lived with movies and what happens to them on their opening weekend,” said the Field of Dreams star. “If we put so much pressure on that, we’re bound to be disappointed. I’m really happy that Horizon looks like what it’s supposed to look like, and that’s the way it’ll look the rest of its life. And that’s really important to me in this process.”

Poster for Kevin Costner's Horizon movie
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Costner continued to say:

“Would I love that it would be highly, highly successful? Of course, I’d like that. My ego would like that; everyone would like that. But I am happiest that the movie that you and I are talking about looks the way I want it to look.”

Those who follow the film scene know that opening weekend results don’t always make or break a film. So time will tell if Horizon will gallop up the ladder to claim a higher position at the box office next week.

Have you seen Horizon yet? If so, are you planning to catch the second movie when it comes out in August?