Keith Urban Announces Surprise Album “High”

Keith Urban / Instagram

You could say Keith Urban is setting the bar pretty “high” with this one.

Get ready, Keith Urban fans — new music is coming your way!

On Friday (June 28), Urban shared on social media that his 13th studio album, High, is completed and ready to officially drop. High will be his first release in nearly four years since his 2020 album, The Speed Of Now Part 1.

Urban shared of the project:

“This album is the result of a prior record I started in 2022. It’s 40 minutes top to bottom, and is completely expressive, true, honest and is so much more of what I actually wanted to say when making that scrapped record. I hope these songs bring you joy, levity, some new understanding, energy, and escape!”

Even better news — we only have to wait 3 months to hear it! The 12-track album will be released on September 20 and promises to be a complete musical journey.


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A few days before his official announcement, Urban shared another post on his social media. The Grammy-award-winning country artist is shown getting into an elevator and pressing floor “4.” His caption on the post was simply, “Going up?”

After reaching the fourth floor, you can hear music and see flashing lights coming from the other side of the elevator door. But before they open, the video goes black. All the fans in the comments of the video pretty much suspected Urban was gearing up to announce a new album. Watch his teaser video below.


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What To Expect From High

Urban’s upcoming album promises to showcase a variety of songs and collaborations, each presenting a distinct story and musical style.

A recent press statement from Urban read:

“What makes you ‘high’ can mean whatever you want it to mean. It might be physical, spiritual, herbal, meditative, chemical, or musical, but it’s definitely a place of utopia.”

From Urban, these highs personally come from his family, friends, and the thrill of playing live music. The “Somebody Like You” singer said that he’s able to bring energy and a release to people every night at his concerts.

4th Track Released From High

To give fans a sneak peek into the album’s vibe, Urban already released its fourth track, an upbeat single titled “Wildside.”

The inspiration for this lively party anthem comes from Joan Cusack’s character in the 2003 film, School Of Rock.

Urban described the song as a fun and energetic representation of a character who is “prim and proper” during the day but lets loose after a few tequilas at night. After this, in Urban’s own words, “all bets are off.”

Listen to the official audio of Urban’s latest single, “Wildside,” below!

Full TrackList For High

  1. “Blue Sky”
  2. “Straight Line”
  3. “Messed Up As Me”
  4. “Wildside”
  5. “Go Home W U (with Lainey Wilson)
  6. “Chuck Taylors”
  7. “Daytona”
  8. “Love Is Hard”
  9. “Heart Like A Hometown”
  10. “Laughin’ All the Way To The Drank”
  11. “Dodge In A Silverado”
  12. “Break The Chain”

The debut of “Wildside” comes after Urban’s earlier releases of tracks like “Straight Line,” “Go Home W U (with Lainey Wilson),” and “Messed Up As Me.”

High is currently available to pre-order now. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!