Keith Urban Releases New Song, Confirms Forthcoming Album

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Grammy-award-winning country artist Keith Urban has been creating music for over three decades. Since his last album was released in 2020, Urban has been relatively quiet in regards to new music and fans have been speculating about what he may be working on. 

Earlier this week, he sparked excitement amongst fans when he posted a clip to social media showing him in the studio listening to new music.


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Today (Feb 2), the rumors of new music were confirmed as Keith Urban released a brand-new single titled “Straight Line.”  

Keith Urban confirms that a new album is in the works 

Upon release of “Straight Line,” the Australian singer-songwriter confirmed that the single is part of a new album that he is “jonesing” to share with fans. Urban reveals that he chose to share “Straight Line” first because he feels that it is a representation of the “energy and spirit” of the whole album. He continues: 

“I’m gonna cover a lot of themes, emotions and vibes on this album but a very human spirit runs through them all. “Straight Line” is wanting to break out of a soul-sucking routine that you might be stuck in: maybe in a relationship, a job, with creativity, with yourself…whatever it is !! It’s a message of feeling alive again and getting out from under that dark cloud.”


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“Straight Line” ​​was written by Keith Urban, Chase McGill, Jerry Flowers, and Greg Wells, and was co-produced by Urban and Wells. 

Urban shares

“While ‘Straight Line’s’ lyrics are about being stuck and trying to break out of the monotony, the melody and energy are a boulevard of nothing but green lights. Every song on this album – even the ballads – carries an energy and a life force that became a very strong through line.”

Keith Urban releases an official lyric video for “Straight Line”

Along with the debut of the audio for “Straight Line,” comes the exciting release of the official lyric video. The video contains imagery of a vintage car on a wide open road, creating a perfect pairing with the lyrics of the song which reference “burning out” and “hitting the gas.” 

Watch the official lyric video for “Straight Line” by Keith Urban below!