Keith Urban Finally Teases New Music After Nearly Two Years

Photo Credit: Mike Lawrie / Staff / Getty Images, Keith Urban / Instagram

For the first time in nearly two years, Keith Urban is ready to drop some new music.

The New Zealand-born Australian country singer shared a clip of himself listening to a new song in the studio, alongside the short caption, “hi !”

Fans started going nuts because this likely means we are not only getting a new single, but also a new album!

An album has been in the works for years, seeing as his last one, The Speed of Now Part 1, was released in September 2020. Based solely on the previous album title, one would think the next album would be called The Speed of Now Part 2.

Only time will tell!

This is also the longest he has ever gone without releasing an album. His longest gap previously was three years, and that was back in October 1999 and October 2002.

Urban released The Speed of Now Part 1 on September 18, 2020.

Keith Urban The Speed Of Now Part 1 album artwork
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It spawned seven singles, “We Were,” “God Whispered Your Name,” “Polaroid,” “Superman,” “Change Your Mind,” “One Too Many” (featuring P!nk), and “Out the Cage” featuring Breland and Nile Rodgers.

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The last four singles Urban has released have been off an “upcoming album,” which we have been teased since “Wild Hearts” came out in August 2021.

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During an August 2023 conversation with AP, Urban revealed his upcoming album was nearly finished.

“Most of the album, I’d say, is finished,” he said. “I think I’ve got one basically one more song to record from the ground up and then a whole bunch of others that just need to be mixed. I’m in the final stages of landing the plane right now. An album will come out sometime next year.”

He also revealed that in February 2023, he had recorded 12 songs for an album and suddenly felt they weren’t the right ones, so he scrapped it. Actually, he kept about three of those songs.

Giving fans an idea of what to expect from this upcoming album, Urban states,

“I love songs about hope, wild longing, working through things, and just sheer, mindless fun. At this stage there is one song that will probably finish the album, it’s called ‘Break the Chain,” and that’s probably the most personal song, out of everything.”

Take a listen to the music tease below.