Jelly Roll Opens Up About How He & Bunnie Are Coping Following Her Father’s Passing

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Jelly Roll recently spoke about how he and his wife, Bunnie XO, are dealing with her father’s passing following his battle with cancer.

The couple have recently faced a challenging period, marked by the passing of Bunnie’s father, Bill, just days before the ACM Awards and a day after Jelly’s triumphant completion of his first-ever 5K.

Bunnie XO, who had been caring for her father during his final months, shared the heartbreaking news on May 8. His passing has left a profound impact, with her expressing her love and grief, calling him her “favorite rock star & my hero.”


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Bill had been courageously battling Stage 4 cancer since his diagnosis in the latter part of the previous summer. As his condition worsened, he was admitted to hospice care in November.


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In a recent conversation with Taste of Country Nights, Jelly Roll opened up about the complex emotions his wife is experiencing. He shared that although Bunnie is doing better, the grieving process has been challenging. He described the situation as a “sad ending to a book that already wasn’t incredible,” shedding light on the difficulties they have faced.

Jelly Roll stated that Bunnie’s relationship with her father had been strained for much of her life, only beginning to improve when she reached her 30s. Despite the turbulence, they had grown closer in recent years, and Jelly Roll expressed his love for Bill, emphasizing that they had shared the highs and lows of his cancer journey.

“She’s hurt. Her and her father didn’t have the best relationship throughout her whole life. They really didn’t start getting too cool until she was in her 30s, and even then, it was very tumultuous.”

Jelly Roll also shared his regret about not being able to fully support his wife during this challenging time due to the demands of his career. However, he acknowledged the importance of taking a break to spend quality time with his family and reflect on their journey through grief and loss.

“I never slowed down through it all. I felt so bad. My wife was having to grieve alone. This (career), it’s just hard to stop. But we spent a lot of time together, and we’re going out of town this week…I think we’re going to spend a couple of days, just me and her somewhere, and kind of talk about it all.”

Our sincerest best wishes go out to Jelly and Bunnie. It’s heartening to witness the couple making space for reflection and mutual support during this difficult time.