“Yellowstone” Star Kelly Reilly Addresses Rumors About Spin-Off Drama

Kelly Reilly in character as Beth Dutton on Yellowstone

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Kelly Reilly, Who Plays Beth Dutton On Yellowstone, Speaks About Rumors Concerning Spin-Off Salary Demands

Yellowstone Kelly Reilly wants to set things straight regarding rumors about the show’s spin-off.

To catch you up to speed, Yellowstone is ending at the conclusion of its fifth season. The show took a midseason break in January 2023, which has been extended for various reasons.

First, there were rumors about behind-the-scenes drama with series lead, Kevin Costner. Then, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes kept the cast and crew from filming.

Now, Yellowstone intends to return with the second half of Season 5 this November.

Kelly Reilly and Kevin Costner in Yellowstone
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The show is also set to get a new spin-off series. It’s been said that Matthew McConaughey will star in the series alongside Yellowstone cast members Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, Reilly, and more.

Kelly Reilly Says “Don’t Believe Everything You Read” About Yellowstone Spin-Off Drama

But, there’s been rumored drama surrounding the spin-off series as well. In February, Puck published a report claiming that Reilly, Hauser, and Grimes threatened to back out of the spin-off unless they receive higher salaries.

The outlet also claimed that Paramount and 101 Studios suggested using the stars’ Season 6 pay (since the season won’t happen) to pad their raises. This allegedly upset the actors, who said it would be like paying them with money from their own pockets.

Kelly Reilly addresses rumors that she and fellow "Yellowstone" cast members like Cole Hauser are in disputes over spin-off salaries.
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So, is there any truth to these rumors? Kelly Reilly says no.

She addressed the reports during a recent interview with Radio Times. Reilly dismissed the rumors, saying:

“There are discussions, you know. Don’t believe everything you read. It’s just nonsense. But we’re gonna, you know, let’s wait and see. I don’t have an answer right now. But we’ll see.”

She said for now, she’s completely focused on finishing the main Yellowstone series.

I just care about finishing [‘Yellowstone’] with as much care and as much passion and as much love as I can muster to put into it. That’s what I care about. I’m sort of prepping for that now [and] that’s my tunnel vision thing that I care about most.”

Stay tuned for any future updates about Yellowstone and its spin-off series. In the meantime, enjoy some of Kelly Reilly’s best moments as Beth Dutton in the video below.