Will Kelly Clarkson Join “American Idol” In Katy Perry’s Place? – She Answers That Question…

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Is Kelly Clarkson Replacing Katy Perry As A Judge On American Idol?

As the original “American Idol,” fans have wondered if Kelly Clarkson will step up to replace judge Katy Perry after her departure. Clarkson addressed that question during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Clarkson won the first season of Idol in 2002. The win catapulted her career, and she’s now sold over 25 million albums and 45 million singles worldwide.

The singer’s experience as an Idol contestant helped influence her decision to join The Voice. She served as a coach for nine seasons and won four times.


During her stint on The Voice, Clarkson started her namesake talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show. The show has become known for Clarkson’s “Kellyoke” performances, during which she covers popular songs by other artists, including country singers.

The Kelly Clarkson Show permanently moved from Los Angeles to New York City in 2023. Clarkson also moved herself and her two children to “The Big Apple” and said “goodbye” to The Voice in the process.

Kelly Clarkson Explains Why She Left The Voice – It’s The Same Reason She Won’t Be On Idol

Clarkson and her kids have grown comfortable in NYC, which is why you won’t see her back on The Voice any time soon.

She previously shared that the move away from Los Angeles was “very needed.”

I feel like a weight has lifted,” she said. “That move was very needed. I think the thing I’m most excited about…on a selfish level, is just showing up to work smiling and actually meaning it. That’s a beautiful gift that you don’t realize until you’re out of it.”

Kelly Clarkson addresses whether or not she'll replace Katy Perry on American Idol after moving her talk show from LA to NYC
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Clarkson’s desire to stay with her kids in NYC is also why she won’t replace Katy Perry as a judge on American Idol.

She told Entertainment Tonight:

No. No. I can’t do [Idol], only because I promised my kids. I was like, ‘I wanna be there as much as I possibly can.’ And it would put me in L.A., and that’s why I had to quit The Voice, which I love that team. And I miss them so much.

She continued:

I wanted a life for us. And we enjoy the park every day and we enjoy each other. As a parent — people get this — you only get so much time until they don’t want to hang out with you…That’s the reason [I can’t do Idol]. It’s my kiddos.

While we won’t be seeing Clarkson as a judge on Idol, you can watch her every weekday on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Check out one of her recent country “Kellyoke” performances below.