Kelly Clarkson Says Her Ex-Husband Believed She Wasn’t “Sexy” Enough To Be On “The Voice”

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Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband unethically managed her involvement in multiple engagements including The Voice

Singer and television host Kelly Clarkson has been entrenched in a highly visible and highly contentious divorce from ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, since 2020. The divorce was finalized in 2022, but their pair continues to hash out the financial details of the split. 

In November, a California labor commissioner determined that Blackstock over-charged Clarkson by millions for booking gigs during the time he managed her career. Specifically, TMZ obtained legal documents detailing that the misappropriation occurred while negotiating Clarkson’s involvement with The Voice, Wayfair, Norwegian Cruise Line, as well as the Billboard Music Awards

Legally, only agents, not managers, can secure these types of roles for the talent they represent. As a result, the commissioner ruled that Blackstock crossed a line as Clarkson’s manager and ordered that he return a total of $2,641,374 to his former client and wife. 

Brandon Blackstock reportedly told Kelly Clarkson that she didn’t have enough sex appeal to be a coach on The Voice.   

During the hearing regarding the improper management fees, Kelly Clarkson was asked to recall conversations with her then husband and manager, Brandon Blackstock, about her involvement in the hit show The Voice

According to court documents obtained by the NY Post, Clarkson told Blackstock that she wanted to be a part of the show for years, but he advised her that network executives would not be interested because they were “looking for a more sex symbol type” and gave Rihanna as an example.

When asked by lawyers how she was able to remember specific details from years ago, Clarkson responded: 

“Well, a wife doesn’t forget a time she gets told she’s not a sex symbol, so that stays.” 

Kelly Clarkson eventually joined The Voice as a coach in 2018.

Despite the dissuasion from Blackstock, Clarkson did end up securing a spot as a coach on season 14 of The Voice. She went on to be very successful on the show, having four total victories during her time in the big red chair. Clarkson became the only female coach to win multiple seasons. 

She ultimately left The Voice in 2023 after turmoil in her personal life, including the divorce, left her feeling stretched thin.

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