Reba Gets Emotional While Eliminating A Team Member After Luke Combs Cover

NBC/Greg Gayne, YouTube/The Voice

During Monday’s Battle Rounds on The Voice, coach Reba McEntire faced a challenging decision as she paired up two country artists, Josh Sanders and Donny Van Slee, for a rendition of Luke Combs’ “When It Rains, It Pours.”

Sanders Vs. Van Slee

Onstage, both Sanders and Van Slee showcased considerable talent, leaving the coaches impressed after the performance.

“Y’all just threw down,” Chance The Rapper said. “I don’t even listen to country music. I might download that song,” he added, receiving looks from his fellow country coaches.

“Thanks, Chance,” Dan Smyers of Dan + Shay joked.

“No no no, I listen to you guys all the time,” Chance insisted. “I’m saying, I don’t listen to other country music.”

Friendly banter aside, Chance expressed his admiration for both contestants.

“Donny, out the gate, I was like ‘This is a clear cut star. I don’t need to see anything else,'” he added. “And then Josh, you have some crazy runs that you were doin’. It became like a neck-and-neck thing. I’m gonna be honest, either one, you don’t lose.”

Agreeing with Chance The Rapper, both Dan + Shay and coach John Legend found it challenging to decide between the two equally talented singers.

Reba’s Choice

Ultimately, the decision rested with Reba, who expressed her emotional attachment to both performers.

“I feel like I’ve known you forever,” she said, taking a pause, getting emotional at the thought of having to lose one of her talented team members. “When we got to be in the rehearsal, I just felt like we bonded,” she added, tears in her eyes.

“And that was really special to me.”

And although Reba praised Van Slee’s performance, calling it “cute as a button” and even praising his fun choreography, Reba ended up choosing Sanders to advance.

“Because it is called The Voice, the winner of this battle is Josh,” she explained.

Watch Josh Sanders and Donny Van Slee’s Battle Round on The Voice below.