Keith Urban Details Brilliant Way He Covers Up Forgotten Lyrics During Concerts

Kelly Clarkson Show/YouTube

Keith Urban is the ultimate professional and we’ve rarely seen performance mishaps from him. But, that could be due to his  ability to cover up any mistakes before fans notice.

In a recent interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Urban and Clarkson were sharing stories about concert mishaps and Keith detailed the brilliant trick he used to cover up the fact that he forgot lyrics to one of his songs. As the singers bantered back and forth about onstage mishaps, both admitted that they had “split their pants” while performing, and the American Idol champ detailed an incident at The Staples Center in Los Angeles when she got food poisoning and got sick just before her encore.

“I got food poisoning, and well…something happened before the encore,” Clarkson recalled. “My own personal encore of a meal happened.”

Kelly was able to hold it together long enough to get off stage where she heard the cheers of the crowd calling for an encore while she was sick.

“It’s interesting, because if you think about it, the stage is built in an arena. There’s thousands of people cheering me on while all this is happening,” the singer said with a laugh.

Keith then shared his best onstage flub and it resulted in an applause-worthy recovery that fans, and even some of his crew, never noticed.

“One time I forgot words to the song. I’m just singing along..singing away…and in my head I’m thinking ‘What’s the next verse?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, I don’t know it.’ And it came, and I was like…'”Urban then began acting like he was having technical difficulties with his microphone. “Apparently I did it so well that one of the road crew ran out and replaced the mic immediately.”

The smart move gave Urban enough time to regroup and recall the words so he could finish the performance.

Hear Keith Urban detail the mishap in the clip below.