Kane Brown’s Wife Shares Why Their Pregnancy Isn’t A Secret This Time

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When Kane and Katelyn Brown were anticipating the arrival of their second child, daughter Kodi Jane, they opted for a surprise tactic, choosing not to share the news during Katelyn’s pregnancy.

Instead, they delighted fans with a heartwarming baby announcement after Kodi was born, adding an element of surprise to their growing family.

Fast forward to the present, and the Brown family is gearing up for another addition, but this time, they’re taking a different approach. They embraced the holiday spirit by announcing their third pregnancy with a festive social media post during Christmas.


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Q&A With Fans

Adding to the excitement about their growing family, Katelyn Brown, who not only is Kane’s wife but also his duet partner, enjoys connecting with fans on her Instagram Stories.

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During a recent interaction, while Kane was away on tour, she happily answered fans’ questions. One fan was curious why they kept their second pregnancy a secret but then shared their daughter Kodi’s arrival with everyone so soon after she was born.

Katelyn replied, “Because, at that season of my life, I just was craving some privacy and needed that space from the world. And this time, I feel content and don’t care as much what people think or say.”

Katelyn Brown answers fans' questions on her Instagram Story.
Katelyn Brown / Instagram Story

Privacy And Family Decisions

After Kodi’s birth, Kane explained that one of the reasons they kept that pregnancy secret was because they had experienced someone else revealing big news about them before.

“I’m not bashing anybody, but last time, I sent a picture to my older brother, and he put it on social media before we announced it,” the country singer revealed during an interview with the Bobby Bones Show. “So everybody already knew about it, and it was kind of upsetting.”

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During the same fan Q&A, Katelyn also expressed her desire to homeschool their kids. She mentioned, “I hope our kids find something that they truly love and are passionate about, and I don’t care what that is.”

She added, “They can be/do whatever they want as long as it makes them happy.”

Katelyn Brown answers fans' questions on her Instagram Story.
Katelyn Brown / Instagram Story

Gender Reveal Excitement

Just two weeks after announcing their third pregnancy, Kane and Katelyn Brown shared the gender of their upcoming bundle of joy.

In a heartwarming video posted on social media, the couple, accompanied by their daughters Kingsley and Kody, eagerly awaited the reveal of whether they would be adding another girl or a boy to their family.

Kane initially guessed they’d have another girl, but the cake-cutting moment unveiled the exciting news: the Browns are expecting their first BOY in 2024! This marks a significant milestone for the couple as they prepare to welcome their first son after two daughters.

Katelyn’s joyful scream and Kane’s beaming smile and triumphant fists in the air reflected their excitement about this new chapter in their family’s journey.


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During an interview with a British newspaper, The Standard, Kane discussed various aspects of his life, including his shows, his children, and the anticipation of welcoming a son into the family.

He shared, “I’m excited. I thought I was going to be a girl dad, and I was happy for it, but knowing I’ve got my little boy was like it was God’s plan because we weren’t trying, but he was like, ‘Nah, you needed a son.’”

Continuing The Tradition

The Browns continue their tradition of naming their children with “K” names to maintain the family’s “KB” initials theme. Katelyn has confirmed that they’ve chosen a name for their son, starting with “K.”

However, beyond that detail, the couple is keeping quiet about their baby boy’s name.