Jennifer Nettles Performs National Anthem At 2019 Kentucky Derby

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Country Singers Deliver Touching Performances Of The National Anthem

Country singer Jennifer Nettles was chosen to sing the National Anthem at the 2019 Kentucky Derby. Her performance proved why country artists are often selected for such honors.

For any singer, it is always a great honor whenever to sing the National Anthem at an event. Country artists are known for delivering some of the best National Anthem performances in history.

This is why they’re often called on to sing the Anthem at various sporting events.

The U.S. Flag - Jennifer Nettles sang the National Anthem at the 2019 Kentucky Derby
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Many country stars also chip in and perform the National Anthem at Nashville Predators matches. The tradition of having famous artists sing the Anthem started in 2017 during the playoffs.

Carrie Underwood delivered one of the best performances at that time. She also performed the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in the past.

Jennifer Nettles Is Known For Her National Anthem Performances

Jennifer Nettles is also known for her outstanding National Anthem performances. The Sugarland member always receives praise for singing the Anthem.

That’s why she was asked to sing it during the Battle at Bristol at Bristol Motor Speedway in 2016.

Spectators held up red, white, and blue paper while Nettles sang. They created images of the American flag and spelled out the word “USA.” The stunning display accented Nettles’ already outstanding performance.

Even now, years later, Nettles’ Bristol performance is still cited as a prime example of how the Anthem should be performed.

So it was no surprise when Nettles was asked to perform the National Anthem at another iconic American sporting event…the Kentucky Derby. The invitation also gave Nettles a chance to attend the race for the first time.

Nettles gushed about her experience at the race. She’s a huge fan of the elaborate hats all of the ladies wear during the Derby weekend.

Jennifer Nettles Sang A Traditional Rendition Of The National Anthem At The 2019 Kentucky Derby

During that interview, Nettles also offered insight into how she planned to sing the Anthem.

I like to add a little bit of style to it but I’m not super flowery about it,” she said. She knew people like to sing along with the Anthem, and she didn’t want to change it too much.

When it finally came time for Nettles to sing the Anthem, she delivered the traditional performance she promised on the red carpet. As expected, her rendition blew America away.

In case you missed Nettles’ performance, or simply want to relive it, check out the video below. It shows her performance in its full glory.