Jelly Roll’s Daughter Makes Surprising First Car Choice At 16-Years-Old

(Main Photo) Jelly Roll / Facebook (Circle Photo) Bunnie XO / TikTok

Jelly Roll’s daughter, Bailee, received her first car, and it’s not what you’d typically expect for a 16-year-old.

Her parents, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO, allowed her to choose any car within a set budget, as shared by Bunnie on TikTok.

“We told this girl she could have any car in the world, but there was a budget,” Bunnie said. “This is what the child picked. This is what her heart desires.”

The video was shared on April 10, making it an early birthday present for Bailee as she approaches her 16th birthday on May 22!

So, what was Bailee’s choice? A white GMC Sierra 1500 truck.

Jelly Roll's daughter's new truck for her 16th birthday.
Bunnie XO / TikTok

This choice was unexpected for some, given the freedom Bailee had in making her selection, but fans were excited for her nonetheless.

“Wasn’t expecting that, but I absolutely LOVE it!!!”
“Congratulations!!! Such an exciting experience and moment.”
“She has great taste!! So happy for her!”
“Bailee’s excitement made me smile. Congratulations on your 1st car, be safe.”

When Bailee was showcasing her new truck, she expressed her excitement by saying, “I’m whippin’ in every field,” while the camera panned from the truck with a big yellow bow on it to her.

As Bunnie recorded the spacious black interior of the car, Bailee eagerly asked her to listen to the loud, hefty roar of the engine. After starting the truck, a wide smile spread across the teenager’s face.

“I can’t wait until you get in trouble and I can take your car away from you for the first time,” Bunnie joked.

Watch Bunnie’s TikTok video below.


Brb going to cry 😭 #baileeandbunnie

♬ Never grow up – 🪐Saturn🪐 (Taylor’s version)

Bailee’s Birthday Surprise

Bailee’s early birthday present also included a surprise during Jelly Roll’s Stagecoach Festival debut, where he brought her on stage for a special birthday moment, further expressing his love for her.

During his set, Jelly led the massive crowd in singing a collective Happy Birthday song for Bailee. Jelly’s wife, Bunnie XO, was also on stage for the touching moment.

“In, like, 10 days, she will be 16 years old…But hey, I figured it would be a really cool dad way to embarrass her if I can do the old ‘Happy birthday to you.‘”

Photos from the surprise show her nestled into her dad’s shoulder, smiling as fans sang.

Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

“It was really cool, man,” Jelly revealed to Good Morning America. ”She’s about two weeks away from her birthday, but it was the closest I was ever gonna get to having that many people singing to her.”

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Watch a fan-filmed video of the special moment below!