Jelly Roll Celebrates Daughter’s Sweet 16 With “Happy Birthday” Sing-Along At Stagecoach

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Meet Jelly Roll’s Teenage Daughter, Bailee

During his performance at Stagecoach, Jelly Roll took a moment to celebrate his daughter, Bailee.

Bailee was born in 2008 while Jelly Roll was serving time in prison. After he got out, he vowed to turn his life around and be a good father to Bailee.

Jelly Roll With His Daughter Bailee
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Along the way, Jelly Roll met and fell in love with his now-wife, Bunnie. She helped him form a stronger bond with Bailee. Beyond that, she provided the funds so Jelly Roll could afford a condo and get full custody of his daughter.

She said, ‘No matter what happens with us, I’m gonna help you get this little girl,'” he recalled.


Jelly Roll and Bunnie eventually gained full custody of Bailee, who turns 16 soon.

Stagecoach Crowd Sings “Happy Birthday” To Bailee

Bailee has joined her dad onstage in the past. But there was something extra special about the moment when he brought her out during his set at Stagecoach on Friday (April 26).

Jelly Roll acknowledged how his daughter is celebrating her Sweet 16 in just a few days.

He said, “In, like, 10 days, she will be 16 years old … But hey, I figured it would be a really cool dad way to embarrass her if I can do the old ‘Happy birthday to you.‘”

The “Need a Favor” singer led the crowd in a “Happy Birthday” sing-along for his daughter. Bunnie was also onstage for the sweet serenade.

Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie Xo onstage with daughter Bailee at Stagecoach
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

Jelly Roll knew the singing may be “a little more corny,” but he had to do something special to “get cool dad points.” He also mentioned how he took Bailee out of school so she could attend the show.

Don’t tell her teacher,” he joked.

The singer thanked the crowd for supporting him and his music. He credited his fans for helping him and Bunnie end “generational curses” in their family and allowing them to give Bailee the best life possible.

Head below to watch a fan-filmed video of Jelly Roll singing “Happy Birthday” to his daughter Bailee at Stagecoach. It was such a touching moment!