Jelly Roll’s Daughter Bailee Ann Gets Epic 16th Birthday Party


Jelly Roll’s daughter just had the sweetest 16th birthday ever!

Over the weekend, Jelly Roll’s daughter, Bailee, celebrated her 16th birthday in style, with a theme that perfectly combined the fun of pink and disco cowgirl vibes. Every detail added to the special day, from custom sweet treats shaped like cowgirl boots and disco balls to cowgirl hats.

Guests were treated to personalized drinks and delicious catered food throughout the celebration. The venue was transformed with a neon pink sign proudly displaying Bailee Ann’s name, creating an Instagram-worthy backdrop. And let’s not forget the inflatable ball pit, which added an extra layer of pizzazz to the party.

Bunnie’s Sweet Birthday Message


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Bunnie shared a heartfelt post on her Instagram, featuring a photo of herself, Jelly Roll, and Bailee from the party. In her caption, she opened up about how becoming a mother figure to Bailee has transformed her life in the most positive ways.

“God knew the family I was born into would teach me strength.. he also knew the family that he would bless me with later in my life would teach & show me unconditional love & How not to walk away,” she wrote.

“Thank you Papa Roll for giving me the chance to be the mom I never had,” Bunnie continued. “But most importantly- Thank you to the sweetest, sassiest 16 year old for teaching me the most healing life lessons ever these past 8 years & letting me be your mama.”

Bailee’s Sweet 16 Gift

Bailee’s Sweet 16 birthday bash was a blast, but the surprises didn’t end there. Recently, Bailee got her very first car as an early birthday present, and it wasn’t your typical choice for a 16-year-old.

Jelly Roll and Bunnie let her pick any car within a certain budget, as Bunnie shared on TikTok. And what did Bailee choose? A white GMC Sierra 1500 truck, which might seem unexpected for someone her age.

@xomgitsbunnie Brb going to cry 😭 #baileeandbunnie ♬ Never grow up – 🪐Saturn🪐 (Taylor’s version)

Another surprise in store for Bailee’s early birthday celebrations was a memorable moment during Jelly Roll’s Stagecoach Festival debut. Taking to the stage, Jelly Roll took the opportunity to honor his daughter’s upcoming birthday. With Bailee by his side, he led the entire crowd in a singalong of “Happy Birthday.”

See all the fun from Bailee’s Sweet 16 party in the video below.