Jelly Roll Premieres New Song “Liar” During Performance At The Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry / Instagram Stories

Jelly Roll unveiled a new song during his recent performance at the legendary Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee.

On Tuesday (April 16) night, Jelly Roll stepped into the historic circle, bringing his usual characteristic energy to the performance.

After a dynamic introduction, Jelly Roll began his set, immediately capturing the audience’s attention. It was clear that many of his fans were in attendance as he performed well-known tracks such as “Son Of A Sinner” and “Need A Favor” and wrapped up with an emotional rendition of “Save Me.”

AUSTIN, TEXAS - APRIL 07: Jelly Roll performs onstage during the 2024 CMT Music Awards at Moody Center on April 07, 2024 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for CMT)
Photo by Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Halfway into his show, Jelly Roll, a recent nominee for the ACM Awards’ Entertainer of the Year, introduced an unreleased track. This moment was significant as it was the first time he had done so since making his debut at the Opry.

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Before playing the song, he addressed the audience, showcasing the Opry’s role as a unique platform for debuting new material.

“I feel like this is a safe place to play a new song. Is that okay with y’all? We might not ever release this song. We’re just gonna play it for y’all and see if it works.”

Jelly held the audience captivated as he smoothly navigated the track’s rhythmic pre-chorus:

“Saying drink another whiskey,
Pop another pill,
Money makes you happy,
Heaven isn’t real.
You won’t find nobody to love because your heart’s too broke.
Now I know, you ain’t nothing but a liar,
Yeah I walk right out that fire,
Yeah you try to keep me down,
Try to put me underground,
I know we’re going higher.”

By the time he reached the chorus, the Grand Ole Opry audience had all joined in. While they weren’t exactly singing along, Jelly Roll managed to turn a new song, assumingly titled “Liar,” into an instant hit among the fans.

“I can hear you in my head, in my head when I’m dreaming.
You try to be my friend, but you’re blowing smoke.
Oh but now I ain’t scared of telling you where you can go,
Girl I know, you’re nothing but a liar.”

Following the performance, the Grand Ole Opry posted several videos on their Instagram story, one of which featured Jelly Roll performing the unreleased track on stage.

The Opry’s caption over the video read, “Don’t be shy, [Jelly Roll]. Drop the new song.”

Jelly Roll performs new, unreleased song at the Opry.
Grand Ole Opry / Instagram Stories

Jelly Roll’s performance at the Opry took place shortly after his recent appearance as a guest mentor on American Idol.

Details about this new song remain unclear, including its potential release date or if it will be released at all. However, based on the performance’s reception, Jelly Roll delivered a memorable experience to those at the Opry.

Check out Jelly Roll’s performance of his yet-to-be-released song in the fan-recorded video below!