Is Cracker Barrel Closing For Good?

It’s no secret that restaurants have suffered in recent years, and one of those is Cracker Barrel, a favorite of country folks and travelers alike.

According to a new report from, Cracker Barrel is one of several restaurants forced to make big changes in an effort to save the entire chain from permanent closure. The website reports that the chain saw a 4% decrease in foot traffic for four straight quarters, and a 5% drop in retail sales in the most recent quarter.

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It’s unclear what has caused a drop in patronage at the beloved restaurant, but it can likely be attributed to the need to increase menu prices to compensate for inflation. Many restaurants report that fewer people are eating out due to cost.

Despite shutting down numerous restaurants in recent months, Cracker Barrel doesn’t intend to shutter the business as a whole quite yet. reports that the franchise is updating its menu and restaurant design as well as focusing on its recently launched loyalty program.

Cracker Barrel Closures

In the past 12 months, Cracker Barrel has closed numerous locations, including three near Portland, Oregon, two in California, and one in Columbia, South Carolina. But, the brand insists that the decision to close said stores was based on local performance and not a sign of a company-wide issue.

“As a standard course of business, we continually evaluate the performance of our stores, using various criteria to ensure we are meeting the needs of our guests and our business,” the company wrote in a statement following the closing of the Columbia restaurant. “The decision to close a store is never one we take lightly.”

“We extend our sincere thanks to our employees who worked so hard to keep our fireplace glowing and to the guests who have dined with us, celebrated with us, and made us part of their community. We look forward to reconnecting with them at other times at nearby Cracker Barrels in the future.”

The History of Cracker Barrel

Dan W. Evins founded Cracker Barrel Country Store in 1969 in Lebanon, Tennessee. In less than a decade, Evins had expanded to 13 stores in Kentucky and Georgia.

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By the early ’90s, the brand’s popularity and commitment to southern homestyle cooking led it to become one of the most beloved family-style restaurants in the country. With a $1 billion market value, the chain boasted an annual revenue that was twice that of similar restaurants.

As of 2024, Cracker Barrel has 661 locations across 45 states. Hawaii, Alaska, Wyoming, Washington, and Vermont are the only states that don’t have the pleasure of enjoying the cozy cuisine the restaurant has to offer.

Every year, Cracker Barrel serves approximately:

  • 230 million guests
  • 210 million biscuits
  • 162 million eggs
  • 140 million slices of bacon
  • 75 million pancakes
  • 55 million 1.5 oz. bottles of Pure Natural Syrup
  • 41 million servings of grits
  • 13 million pounds of chicken tenders
  • 13 million orders of Chicken n’ Dumplins

Learn more about Cracker Barrel in the video below.