Cracker Barrel Organizes First-Ever Yard Sale Of Antique Decor

Photo by Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/via Getty Images

In Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, visitors had a special chance to take home a piece of history from their local Cracker Barrel.

Cracker Barrel Host’s Its First Yard Sale

As the iconic restaurant in the Tennessee town underwent a significant renovation, the management team found themselves faced with the task of clearing out a surplus of antique items that had decorated the walls for years.

Joe Stewart, who manages the Decor Warehouse for Cracker Barrel, talked about the importance of updating the restaurant’s look during the renovation.

“We can get rid of a few pieces we are no longer using,” Stewart said, explaining the desire to give the place a new look while respecting its history.

However, what began as a routine clearing out of old decor items soon evolved into something much more substantial. The inventory of antique pieces far surpassed expectations, totaling between 600 to 700 items. Faced with the large amount, the management team decided to host a grand yard sale, offering the community a chance to own a piece of Cracker Barrel’s history.

Excitement buzzed in the air as word of the sale spread, attracting eager shoppers from all around. A crowd quickly formed, with people coming from both nearby and distant places, all eager to rummage through the assortment of special finds available.

In just half an hour, the store was practically emptied out, leaving only seven items behind.

Despite the rapid sales of stock, Stewart reassured customers that Cracker Barrel remained well-stocked with decor items.

“We’re going to try to find some more decor at our warehouse, so we will come back and sell some more,” Stewart affirmed, promising the possibility of future sales.

For many who came to the yard sale, it wasn’t just about finding old stuff; it was a chance to relive cherished memories. Some folks traveled quite a distance to be there, showing just how much love and nostalgia people have for Cracker Barrel.

This marked the first occasion they had ever ventured into such a sale, parting ways with their antique items. Stewart even hinted that they might do it again when other stores get a facelift, suggesting this could become a regular thing for Cracker Barrel fans in the future.

See inside of Cracker Barrel’s first-ever yard sale below.