Emmy Russell Shares “Deeply Personal” Song During Hollywood Week On “Idol”

Emmy Russell performs during Idol's Hollywood week

American Idol / YouTube

American Idol Standout Emmy Russell Returns To Perform Again

Following her outstanding audition performance, Emmy Russell returned to American Idol to sing during Hollywood Week.

Emmy moved the Idol judges (and viewers) with her original song, “Skinny” during the auditions. But before she sang, Emmy revealed a surprising piece of her story. She’s the granddaughter of country music legend Loretta Lynn.

Emmy Russell is Loretta Lynn's granddaughter
American Idol / YouTube

Emmy spoke about how she spent a large part of her life trying to be just like her famous grandmother. But when she finally decided to follow her own path, she grew into herself as an artist.

Emmy also chose to take off her makeup for her audition so the judges could see her most real self. That authenticity shone through in her performance, and all three judges voted to give her a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.

Emmy Opens Up About Living In Loretta’s Shadow

The first night of Hollywood Week aired on Sunday (March 31). Ahead of the episode, Idol revealed its plans to introduce a new “Idol Arena” during Hollywood Week.

Additionally, Idol announced this would be the biggest cut in the show’s history. 143 contestants went into Hollywood week, but 87 singers would be cut from the competition and sent home.

Needless to say, the stakes were high during Emmy’s Hollywood Week performance. In a pre-filmed package before she performed, she said she’s ready to “shine” and showcase her true self after living in her grandmother’s shadow.

Emmy Russell returned to American Idol to perform during Hollywood Week
American Idol / YouTube


Emmy brought her A-game to the Idol stage, and impressed the judges with a performance of another original song, “Like That.” Before she performed, Emmy described the song as being “deeply personal.”

The song clearly struck a chord with her fellow contestants. Many of them could be seen wiping tears away from their eyes as they watched her sing.

Did Emmy Russell Make It Past Idol‘s Hollywood Week?

It’s obvious Emmy poured her heart into her performance. But was it enough to help her advance past the HUGE cut during Hollywood Week?

Thankfully, yes! The judges all voted to send Emmy on to the next phase of the competition. So Idol fans will get the chance to watch her sing again.

Head below to watch Emmy Russell’s beautiful Hollywood Week performance of her original song, “Like That.” We wish her the best of luck as she continues on the show!