Dog The Bounty Hunter Discovers Son He Didn’t Know He Had

Duane Dog Chapman/Instagram

Congratulations are in order for Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman….albeit a few decades late.

In a new post made to social media, Duane Chapman revealed that he recently met a son he didn’t know about.

In the post, Chapman shared that the discovery of his son and his son’s birthday gave this day (June 26) a new meaning.

“For the last four years, this day was a terrible reminder of one of the greatest losses of my life,” Dog said referencing the anniversary of his wife Beth’s death. “But God redeemed this day when I discovered my son Jon, who I just met recently, was born on this day. So now instead of sorrow, this day has a new meaning. This is my son Jon and his wife Jodi.”

Chapman didn’t share any details about how he found out about Jon or how they connected, instead saving that story for his new book, Nine Lives and Counting: A Bounty Hunter’s Journey to Faith, Hope and Redemption


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The book, scheduled to be released in April 2024, “is a powerful memoir that reveals a whole new side of a bounty hunter who is living proof that God loves each of his children, has a good purpose and plan for them, and will never stop tracking them down until they come home.”

The connection with Jon brings Dog the Bounty Hunter’s known children to a grand total of 13. He is also the father of  Christopher Michael Hecht (53), Duane Lee Chapman II (50), Leland Blane Chapman (46), Wesley Chapman (43), James Robert Chapman (41), Barbara Katie Chapman (she died in 2006 at 23), Tucker Dee Chapman (39), Lyssa Rae Chapman (36), Bonnie Joanne Chapman (24), Garry Chapman (22) and Cecily Barmore-Chapman (29, whom he adopted when he married Beth).

Who is Duane “Dog” Chapman?

Duane "Dog" Chapman reveals discovery of secret son.
Duane Dog Chapman/Instagram

Duane Lee Chapman is a former bounty hunter and bail bondsman who became a television personality in 2003. He garnered national attention after successfully capturing Max Factor heir Andrew Luster in Mexico where Luster had fled while on trial for multiple charges.

A year after his highly-publicized captured of Luster, Chapman was given his series, Dog The Bounty Hunter, on A&E. Dog The Bounty Hunter aired from 2004 to 2012. Subsequent shows followed, including Dog And Beth: On The Hunt and Dog’s Most Wanted.

In 2019, Dog’s fifth wife, Beth, died of cancer. They had been married 13 years and shared two children. Two years later, Chapman wed his sixth wife, Francie Frane.