Charlie Daniels’ Former Truck Driver Suffers A Stroke

Charlie Daniels Band / Facebook

Jimmy Potts, a former driver for the Charlie Daniel Band, has suffered a stroke

Former long-time crew member of the Charlie Daniels Band, Jimmy Potts, is recovering from a recent stroke. Charlie Daniels Jr. shared via the official Instagram account of the CDB:

“We just found out today that former CDB truck driver, Jimmy Potts suffered a stroke. Please join us in the Daniels and CDB family in sending him and his family prayers of healing and comfort. Get well soon, Jimmy.”

Many fans quickly made comments, sending prayers and well wishes, and some shared memories of positive interactions with Potts while working alongside the band.

Jimmy Potts transported the band’s equipment for 17 years

For nearly three decades, the CDB used a red box truck to transport their gear, merch, instruments, and everything needed for shows nationwide. When it came time to retire the truck in 2020, guitar tech Roger Campbell penned an ode to its years of service, which included words of appreciation for their trusty driver for the last 17 years, Jimmy Potts.

He wrote:

“If you ever witnessed the CDB fleet rolling down the highway or pulling into a venue in your town, you may not have known who was riding in the vehicles, but you could tell someone took a tremendous amount of pride in their job.” 

Charlie Daniels treated his crew like family

Charlie Daniels knew that each member of his team was integral to his career’s success. In a 1984 interview, the beloved musician shared that he made it a point to know the names and personal details of the drivers, road crew, and everyone on staff.

He explained that each member was just as important as the 5 band members performing on stage and added some words of wisdom for aspiring musicians:

“The advice I have for you if you’re watching this show is get you some people that want the same thing that you do and treat them like family…know their names. Don’t get the big head.” 

We are sending prayers to Jimmy Potts for a speedy recovery!