Babies Named Johnny Cash & June Carter Born In Same Hospital On The Same Day

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Two Babies Born On The Same Day (At The Same Hospital) Have The Names Of Country Music Legends

Recently, two babies were born at an Alabama hospital named Johnny Cash and June Carter. Oh, and they were born on the same day!

Johnny Cash and June Carter were both famous singers. The two met, fell in love, and married in 1968. They were together until June’s death in 2003, and Johnny died just a few months later.

The country music power couple created iconic duets such as “Jackson,” “It Ain’t Me Babe,” and “If I Were A Carpenter.”


Two sets of parents in Alabama coincidentally named their babies Johnny Cash and June Carter like the country music legends
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The Parents Of Newborn Babies Johnny Cash & June Carter Didn’t Know Each Other Before

When Nicole Davis and her husband, Johnny, learned they were expecting a baby boy, they thought of several names. They wanted to name him “Johnny” after his dad, but took more time to think of a middle name.

But dad’s name is Johnny Lee Davis Jr. and we tried on Johnny Lee Davis III and we just could never get comfortable with it….” Nicole told WAFF 48. “So we had to go back to the drawing board. We thought about Johnny Nashville or Johnny Nash but that’s close to Johnny Knoxville, so we said that won’t work. So we said Johnny Cash would be perfect and we’ll call him Cash, so we just kinda fell into it.

Nicole also noted, “I don’t know who couldn’t be a Johnny Cash fan, especially if you love country music at all.”

Meanwhile, a few hours earlier, another couple welcomed a baby girl in the same hospital…and they named her June Carter. They chose “June” because they thought it was beautiful, and the middle name “Carter” after the baby’s dad, Carter John Clark.

The two sets of parents didn’t know each other beforehand. So the fact they named their babies Johnny Cash and June Carter was entirely coincidental!

How The Two Babies Ended Up Meeting

Baby June’s mother, Sophie Clark, explained how they eventually met.

“[Her husband’s] uncle came to visit us and ran into Johnny Cash’s dad in the elevator, and he had on a shirt that said ‘Johnny Cash.’ And he was like ‘That’s weird that you’re wearing that, my niece just had a baby named June Carter,’ so he called and said ‘you gotta hear this.'”


Sophie recalled, “I said ‘We gotta go find this baby,’ and we saw the sign on the door that said Johnny Cash and I said ‘Can we please go in there and talk to them.'”

The two sets of parents and their babies got the chance to meet and they took some pictures. The parents hope they can all keep in touch so the babies can become friends in the future.

See babies Johnny Cash and June Carter and learn more about their story in the video below.