‘America’s Got Talent’ Winner Michael Grimm Hospitalized In ICU

Michael Grimm/YouTube

America’s Got Talent Season 5 winner, Michael Grimm, has been hospitalized in ICU since Memorial Day.

Grimm’s wife, Lucie Zolvera-Grimm, shared the news on Instagram Tuesday in response to fans’ concern about his silence on social media.

“For those of you who’ve been out to see Michael the past couple of months, you might have noticed that he was struggling with his health a lot, lacking energy and not being able to fulfill shows,” she said of Grimm, 44. “We ended up taking him to the hospital, to the ER. The doctors still couldn’t figure out what was going wrong with him. But regardless, whatever the issue was, on Memorial Day, it kind of took him over. He was looking increasingly sickly, all of the sudden he could barely walk, couldn’t lift his head. He couldn’t respond right away to me when I would ask him things.”

Zolverva-Grimm added that a stroke was ruled out once they arrived at the hospital. But, something was obviously seriously wrong as Grimm was speaking “gibberish” and suffering “physical tremors.”

“His blood pressure was skyrocketing, he became really agitated with the medication he was given and they had to put him in ICU,” she added. “So Michael has been in ICU all week. For the safety of his health, they had to put him on a ventilator and sedate him pretty heavily.”

The Grimms are still awaiting an official diagnosis, but the singer has shown some improvement and is off the ventilator and breathing on his own. He is, however, still sedated.


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As a result of his medical emergency, Michael Grimm’s June concerts have been cancelled, and cancellations are also expected for July.

Michael Grimm, a soul singer from southern Mississippi, won America’s Got Talent in 2010 by beating out 10-year-old opera talent Jackie Evancho.

Grimm won over the AGT judges in his audition with a cover of Ray Charles’ “You Don’t Know Me.” The performance earned unanimous approval from the judges who praised his natural talent and soulful sound.

After winning Season 5, Grimm used some of his $1 million prize to purchase a house for his grandparent who raised him and his sister.

Grimm returned to the AGT stage in 2020 for AGT Champions. While his return was highly emotional and was met with support from fans, the singer was eliminated in the preliminary round. Watch his triumphant return to AGT in the video below.