Uncle Si Robertson Undergoes Lung Surgery, 5 Details About The Procedure

Si Robertson/Instagram

“Duck Dynasty” star Si Robertson is recovering after undergoing lung surgery.

Uncle Si shared news of the surgery with fans on an episode of the Duck Call Room podcast. The podcast was recorded prior to the surgery, but aired afterward.

In the episode, Si told listeners that he has COPD, or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, due to being a smoker for 30 years.

“They lied to me. Smoke is harmful,” Si said. “Cigarettes are bad for your health…as I found out after I smoked for 30 years. Don’t let the powers that be that make cigarettes tell you the lie. It’s harmful for you.”

Uncle Si then shared that he was heading to Houston, Texas, to have Zephyr Valves put in so that he can breathe better. The news left fans with a lot of questions about the procedure. Below are some facts to help you better understand Uncle Si’s surgery, recovery and how it will affect the rest of his life.

  1. What is a Zephyr Valve?
    A Zephyr Valve is a minimally invasive device used to treat patients with severe emphysema and COPD. Also called endobronchial valve treatments, Zephyr Valves are tiny, one-way valves that allow trapped air to leave the lungs, preventing more air from becoming trapped there.
  2. How does a Zephyr Valve help?
    Patients are able to take full breaths immediately following the procedure. They are often able to get back to normal tasks within a few days. The procedure allows patients to breathe easier, be more active, have more energy, be less short of breath, and have an improved quality of life.
  3. How long does the procedure take?
    The surgery typically takes less than one hour.
  4. What is the surgery process?
    The process of inserting Zephyr Valves is quick and painless. It requires no incisions and is done via a bronchoscope, a small tube with a camera. The bronchoscope is inserted through the patient’s nose of mouth and 4 valves are typically placed during the procedure.
  5. What is the recovery process?
    Patients most commonly spend 3 to 5 nights in the hospital for observation. Patients may also be prescribed antibiotics and other medications to treat side effects.After careful monitoring, if the patient handles the procedure well, they are given a patient ID card stating that they have Zephyr implants in their lungs. Much like a diabetic would wear a bracelet to alert medical professionals of their condition in case of emergency, a Zephyr Valve patient must carry their card at all times.

Uncle Si shared an update to Instagram following the surgery and reported that the surgery “went great.”

“I’m ready to get back at it, Jack! Thanks for all the prayers and support. It means the world to us.”


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