14-Year-Old Vocalist Earns Golden Buzzer For “Gutsy” Performance On AGT

America's Got Talent / YouTube

Reid Wilson Wows America’s Got Talent Judges With Powerful Performance Of “You Don’t Own Me”

A 14-year-old vocalist who auditioned for Season 18 of America’s Got Talent left the judges in awe of his talent, resulting in a Golden Buzzer moment.

Reid Wilson came from Alabama to audition for AGT. He started singing at a young age and told the judges “It’s definitely [his] dream” to pursue a music career.

Then, they all wished him well as he prepared to sing. Clearly nervous, Wilson took a few deep breaths before breaking into his performance of “You Don’t Own Me.”

“You Don’t Own Me” was originally released by Lesly Gore in 1963. The song later became a symbol of women’s empowerment and was added to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2016.


Wilson conquered the song like a pro, delivering each note with confidence beyond his years. His powerful voice and compelling stage presence left the audience and judges stunned.

Fans commenting on YouTube also expressed their amazement, writing:

“For 14 years old! Impressive! That boy can sing his heart out. What an amazing rendition of You Don’t Own Me.”

“I can’t imagine standing on that stage in front of millions of people at 50 yrs old let alone 14.”

“Such a polite young man that sang his heart out! Well deserving!”

“14 years old?! Oh My Goodness…he’s got that retro old soul unusual voice, plus I love the song choice for him!”

14-Year-Old Singer Impresses Howie Mandel & Earns His Golden Buzzer

After Wilson finished singing, the judges shared their love for his performance. Simon Cowell, famously hard to impress, called Wilson “a gutsy little kid” and said they didn’t expect to hear a performance like that.

Wilson also received complimentary comments from Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara. But the greatest show of support came from Howie Mandel.

“Do you believe in dreams?” Mandel asked Wilson, to which he responded, “Yes.”

Mandel followed up by saying, “Well one of them is about to come true.”

From there, Mandel jumped to press the Golden Buzzer for the talented 14-year-old vocalist. Wilson covered his mouth in shock as gold confetti rained down around him.

14-year-old Reid Wilson expresses shock after Howie Mandel presses the Golden Buzzer for him on AGT
America’s Got Talent / YouTube

Madel continued praising Wilson as he joined him onstage, telling him, “Congratulations, buddy. You are amazing!

You can watch Wilson’s outstanding performance and Golden Buzzer moment in the video below. Congratulations to him!