Young Ventriloquist Reminds AGT Judges Of Darci Lynne

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Did America’s Got Talent Just Discover The Next Darci Lynne?

Darci Lynne was only 12 years old when she auditioned for America’s Got Talent. She wowed the judges with her performance, since she switched between singing as herself and her puppet, Petunia.

Lynne received the coveted Golden Buzzer from judge Mel B.

As each week passed, Lynne continued to amaze the judges and viewers with her extraordinary acts. She made it to the finale, and got to perform with Season 2 winner (and fellow ventriloquist) Terry Fator.


Lynne ended up winning AGT‘s 12th season. She was later named as the runner-up of AGT‘s first season of The Champions in 2019.

Now 18 years old, Lynne is inspiring new generations of ventriloquists just like Fator inspired her. Celia Munoz from AGT‘s 17th season  is just one example of someone who’s been influenced by Lynne.

More recently, AGT fans met another ventriloquist who’s following in Lynne’s footsteps. Her name is Brynn Cummings, and she’s 12 years old just like Lynne when she auditioned.

Cummings recalled watching Lynne on AGT years ago. She looked at her parents in that moment and said, “That’s what I’m gonna do.”

12-Year-Old Amazes AGT Judges With Routine Combining Ventriloquism & Mentalism

From there, Cummings jumped into her act with her puppet, Penelope. She asked Penelope to start singing with her, but Penelope protested. She wanted to do something else!

At Penelope’s direction, Cummings made her way to the judges. Penelope asked them to split a deck of cards, then had Howie Mandel pick one card from the deck. Cummings was able to correctly guess the card he chose!

Then, Penelope told Sofia Vergara to pick a random item from her purse. She also instructed Simon Cowell to grab an object from someone in the audience. To up the stakes, Penelope asked Cummings to put on a blindfold.

The audience was stunned as Cummings correctly guessed that Vergara had a cookie and Cowell had an Apple Watch!

Darci Lynne & Terry Fator Praise Young Ventriloquist’s AGT Performance

Cummings earned lots of praise from the judges after her act. Mandel called her “amazing” and Cowell said she was “so talented.” All four judges voted to send her through to the next phase of the competition!

Cummings also received a compliment from Lynne, who reacted to her performance on social media. She said, “So proud of you Brynn!! You killed it! Everyone check this out! You’ll be blown away!” Cummings got a shout-out from Fator too, who told her she “nailed it.”

Head below to watch Cummings’ extraordinary audition. Who knows, she may win AGT just like Lynne did six years ago!