WATCH: Kane Brown’s Surprise FaceTime Call To His Wife Mid-Concert

ccaitlyn93 / TikTok

Country music sensation Kane Brown has always had a knack for delivering unforgettable performances.

During his performance at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup last summer, when the moment arrived to perform his hit single “Thank God,” Kane spontaneously reached for his phone to call his wife, Katelyn.

Given that the song is usually a duet with Katelyn, this impromptu call added a unique and personal dimension to the performance, allowing her to join in on the fun remotely.

In a video shared on TikTok, Brown is captured dialing his wife via FaceTime from the stage. Judging by the conversation’s tone, Katelyn may have been caught off guard by the call.

“Go to the bathroom,” Brown says into the phone. “She’s getting up. Hold on.”

Brown then flips the phone towards the crowd, allowing them to witness Katelyn’s enjoyment of the performance as they sing her part.

Kane’s question, “You ready, babe?” sparked an enthusiastic roar from the crowd.

A Heartfelt Moment

As the music played, the arena filled with smiles as fans who knew every word sang together.

On the other end of the FaceTime call, Katelyn couldn’t help but tear up as she listened to the audience serenade her from afar.

Watch the video below.


Kane facetimes his wife so we can sing to her. #fyp #kanebrown #couplegoals #countrymusic #love #fair @Kane Brown @KatelynBrown

♬ original sound – Cc

Fan Reactions

Fans enthusiastically responded to the impromptu phone call, flooding the comments section of the original video with praise for Kane’s thoughtfulness as a husband, and even jokingly expressing their desire to find someone just like him.

“Kane Brown setting the bar high.”
“Manifesting a man that shows me this kind of love like Kane brown to his wife.”
“I swear the men that didn’t have a man to raise them are the best men out there.”
“It’s all in who you choose ladies…it’s all in who you choose.”

Another fan remarked on the genuine display of family affection, appreciating the heartfelt connection between them.

“Can we just take a moment to say how sweet this family is and how much love they have for one another.”

Duet Partners

Despite Katelyn’s absence from the Washington State Fair show, she has previously joined Kane on stage to perform “Thank God.”

Earlier last year, the two took the stage together at a tour stop in Philadelphia, which happens to be Katelyn’s hometown.


Chills 🥺♥️ #kanebrown #katelynbrown #thankgod

♬ original sound – Stacey

They even got the chance to perform their hit song together at the 2023 CMT Music Awards.

Watch their performance below!

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Sneak Peek At New Music

In January, Kane and Katelyn gave fans a glimpse of another upcoming love song. The couple shared a snippet of their romantic duet on Saturday (Jan. 27) via social media.

The camera captures Kane singing along to the track while Katelyn and their eldest daughter, Kingsley Rose, dance to the music, forming a heartwarming family moment.

“Who’s ready for this new music,” Brown shared.

The video snippet showcases Kane and Katelyn’s harmonious voices blending seamlessly as they sing the lyrics.

“I won’t, never will. I don’t, never do. I can’t, never could stop loving you.”

The release date for the new song is still a mystery, but excitement is growing, and we’re eagerly anticipating its debut!

Take a look at the video snippet of their new song they shared below!