Virgin River Announces Season 5 Premiere Dates & Special Episodes

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Virgin River has officially announced it’s Season 5 premiere dates! And it’s set to hit Netflix this fall, and promises to be a rollercoaster ride like no other.

The excitement begins on September 7, when Part One of season 5 will drop, treating us to the first 10 episodes that will undoubtedly leave us on the edge of our seats. But hold on, there’s more! Part Two is coming later in the year, and it’s bringing two special holiday episodes on November 30. Talk about a holiday treat!

As we anticipate the new season, we’re still reeling from the cliffhangers and burning questions left unanswered in season 4. The paternity of Charmaine’s twins, Cameron’s uncertain future at Doc’s clinic, and the implications of Denny’s Huntington’s Disease on Lizzy, Hope, and Doc have all left us in suspense. And let’s not forget the dangerous situation with Preacher and Paige, and the potential legal storm brewing for Brie.

New showrunner Patrick Sean Smith, has promised to pick up right where we left off. No resets or reboots here, just juicy and intriguing storylines that will keep us hooked from the very start.

“There were so many cliffhangers at the end of season 4, that we pick up all of them,” new showrunner Patrick Sean Smith previously promised EW. “I didn’t want anything to feel a reset or reboot or any of that because everything was so juicy and so interesting. It was more how I wanted to pick it up.”

What’s Season 5 Going To Be About?

According to Netflix’s teaser, season 5 is not just about resolving existing conflicts, but also about introducing surprising new relationships, a shocking break-up, and a heart-wrenching court trial. And if that wasn’t enough, a wildfire threatens to ravage the town, pushing some of Virgin River’s residents together while tearing others apart. Hold on tight, because it’s going to be a wild ride!

Of course, our beloved characters will have their own personal struggles to deal with. Mel’s journey into motherhood takes an unexpected turn, Jack is faced with demons he can no longer ignore, and the tension with Charmaine reaches new heights. As for Doc and Hope, their respective challenges will test their identities, but they’ll find comfort and support in their community, their new family, and each other.

Virgin River posted this picture on Facebook with the caption, "One look says it all. 🥰 #virginriver"
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To make things even more enticing, Netflix has released first-look photos from the upcoming season, including a glimpse of that menacing wildfire. The anticipation is building, and we can’t wait to see how our favorite characters navigate through all the twists and turns that await them.

So mark your calendars, Virgin River fans, because September 7 will be here before you know it. Get ready for a season filled with romance, heartbreak, mystery, and the resilience of the tight-knit community we’ve all come to love. Stay tuned for more updates as we count down the days to the return of Virgin River!

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