Uncle Si’s Rarely Seen Wife Appears On Duck Call Room Podcast

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In a thrilling and heartwarming episode of Duck Call Room, Uncle Si and his wife known as “the fact-checker,” Christine Robertson, join the crew to share stories about their adventurous lives.

As fans of “Duck Dynasty,” we know that Uncle Si is no stranger to wild and hilarious escapades, but this time, we get to hear it straight from the source! The episode kicks off with Si reminiscing about his time in Hawaii during “Duck Dynasty,” where he attempted to conquer surfing with rather disastrous results. It seems Si’s surfing skills were no match for the waves, making for some comical moments during their island adventure.

The episode then takes a dramatic turn when Phil reveals a heart-stopping story from a past trip. Apparently, during a plane ride, Si and Christine were so deep in slumber that they didn’t even wake up when Phil feared the plane was going down! Talk about nerves of steel or maybe just some heavy sleepers!

Uncle Si and his wife during the interview.
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Uncle Si & His Wife Talk About A Book

Not to be outdone, John-David shares his own horror stories from his time as Willie’s assistant, adding more excitement to the episode. With all these thrilling tales from the skies, it’s no wonder the “Duck Dynasty” family keeps their fans on the edge of their seats!

But it’s not all high-flying adrenaline rushes. The crew also touches on a heartwarming moment from the recent trip to Colorado. Uncle Si and Christine attended an event with the Hellfighters, a charity that helps people battling addiction and other challenges. The late founder, Richard, who was a dear friend to Si and Christine, left a profound impact on their lives with his servant-hearted nature and positive outlook on life.

To honor Richard’s memory, Jenna, Richard’s wife, shared a book he wrote before he passed away. “Life: A Most Wonderful Gift” is filled with promises from God and serves as a testament to Richard’s incredible journey and giving spirit. Through Hellfighters International, Richard and Jenna helped countless people find hope and purpose, transforming their lives for the better.

“This book is about all being positive about everything,” Uncle Si says on the Duck Call Room podcast.

Si Robertson / Facebook

Uncle Si and Christine’s adventures didn’t stop there, as they share some amusing shenanigans from their time in Germany. From leaving their daughter behind in a foreign country to other wild antics, it’s evident that they live life to the fullest and keep their fans entertained.

As “Duck Dynasty” fans, we can’t help but admire Uncle Si’s and Christine’s boldness and zest for life. From conquering the waves in Hawaii to snoozing through potential plane crashes, their lives are a rollercoaster ride of laughter and heartwarming moments.

With more exciting stories yet to come, we can’t wait to see what other adventures this dynamic duo will embark on next! So stay tuned to Duck Call Room for all the action-packed updates on our favorite “Duck Dynasty” stars.

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