Travis Tritt Releases First Song From Upcoming Gospel Album

Photo Credit: David Abbott

Travis Tritt has released his rendition of the timeless gospel song “When God Dips His Love In My Heart.”

This song from his first-ever gospel album, Country Chapel, highlights Tritt’s voice in a way we’ve never heard. Travis has taken this classic gospel song and made it his own with an upbeat tempo and fun vocal deliverance.

“When God Dips His Love In My Heart” was released on July 21, 2023, and is one of 10 songs showcased in his upcoming album, Country Chapel.

As stated in the press release, “Country Chapel seamlessly blends traditional church harmonies with Tritt’s signature award-winning vocal style, offering a unique and inspiring listening experience. This long-awaited Gospel project promises to be a defining milestone in Tritt’s illustrious career, touching hearts and souls through the universal language of music.”

The second song to be released is an original written by Travis called “Like The Father Loves His Son,” and will be available on August 18, 2023.

Gaither Music, who will be releasing the album, posted on Instagram revealing the news of Country Chapel.

“We are excited to announce that award-winning country star Travis Tritt is releasing his first-ever Gospel album with Gaither Music! 🎉 Country Chapel will be released September 15. Pre-order your copy and listen to “When God Dips His Love in My Heart” this Friday! #GaitherMusic #TravisTritt



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The album’s track list will feature 10 gospel songs including classics like “Wayfaring Stranger,” and originals written by Travis specifically for this nostalgic new album.

Country Chapel Track Listing:

1. “When God Dips His Love In My Heart” (Cleavant Derricks)

2. “Like The Father Loves His Son” (Travis Tritt)

3. “Mama Used To Pray For Me” (Travis Tritt and Aaron Raitiere)

4. “In the Valley (He Restoreth My Soul)” (Dottie Rambo)

5. “Uncloudy Day” (J.K. Alwood)

6. “Wayfaring Stranger” (Public Domain)

7. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” (Blind Willie Johnson)

8. “The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor” (Dallas Frazier and Sanger D. Shafer)

9. “Why Me” (Kris Kristofferson)

10. “Little Country Chapel” (Travis Tritt and Aaron Raitiere


“Captivating audiences with authentic renditions and powerful testimonies of redemption, this heartfelt album pays homage to Tritt’s formative years within the comforting embrace of the Country Chapel,” the press release reads.

The full album will be available on September 15, 2023.

Listen to “When God Dips His Love In My Heart” in the video below.