Travis Tritt Speaks Out On Jason Aldean Song Controversy

Justin Mrusek/Jason Aldean/Instagram

Country music legend Travis Tritt is speaking out in support of Jason Aldean amid backlash over the latter’s recent song release, “Try That In a Small Town.”

Jason Aldean released “Try That In a Small Town” as a single in early May. The song went relatively unnoticed until the release of the accompanying music video on Friday (July 14). Critics of Aldean and his right-leaning political stance were quick to aim “meritless” and “dangerous” accusations at the singer.

Backlash reached a peak on Tuesday after CMT chose to pull the video from its daily lineup. Some applauded CMT’s decision, but many supported Jason Aldean and called for a boycott of the Country Music Television network.

Wednesday evening, ahead of Jason Aldean‘s performance of “Try That In a Small Town” on a CMA Fest TV special, Travis Tritt showed his support.

In a post made to social media, Tritt wrote that the single doesn’t promote violence and was simply expressing a point of view.

“For the record, I love the new Jason Aldean single,” Tritt wrote. “It is simply expressing a point of view that many American people share which is against the obvious violence that we have seen from the likes of so many ‘activists groups’ in this country in recent years and the belief shared by millions that this behavior would not be tolerated by many people in many places across the USA. God bless America and all the people in it.”

In a follow-up post, Tritt addressed Jason Aldean directly with a reminder that social media does not represent the majority of Americans and encouraged him to say what he wants.


“I would also like to remind my friend, Jason Aldean, that Twitter and social media in general is not a real place. The views shared by many accounts on this platform are not actually representative of the vast majority of the population of this country. Say what you want to say and be who you want to be,” Travis said.


Other well-known figures speaking out in support of Jason Aldean including politicians like Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders and South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem.

Sanders shared her support of Aldean and criticized “the left” for being more concerned about Jason’s song than stopping looters and criminals.

Governor Noem extended a personal invitation to Jason Aldean to perform his new song on her lawn in a video clip posted to Twitter.

“I am shocked by what I’m seeing in this country with people attempting to cancel this song and cancel Jason and his beliefs. Him and Brittany are outspoken about their love for law and order and for their love of this country. I’m just grateful for them,” she said before issuing a personal message to Jason. “Keep singing and keep playing. And if you want to come to South Dakota we’ll let you play anywhere. We’ll facilitate it. I know you’re coming in August, but if you want to come sing it on the Governor’s residence front lawn, we’ll do it proudly.”