THE VOICE: Reba Says Goodbye To Team Member After “Special” Lauren Daigle Cover

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Night two of The Voice‘s Season 24 Battle Rounds aired Monday night and the team numbers are slowly dwindling as artists are sent packing.

One of the Battles featured during Monday’s episode was between Team Reba’s Alison Albrecht, 23, and Angelina Nazarian, 17. The two went head to head as they duetted on Lauren Daigle’s 2018 hit song, “You Say.”

The pairing of Alison and Angelina was a smart move for Reba as their voices blended perfectly on the spiritual ballad. Angelina, who earned chair turns from Reba and Niall Horan during her Blind Audition, kicked off he song with Alison, a one-chair turn, joined in. Together the pair brought plenty of emotion to the performance, but for one of them it wasn’t quite enough.


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Coach Niall told the ladies that their performance was “special.”

“That song is a beast of a song to sing. There were a couple of pitch issues for both of you, but they were both in the lower register,” Niall said. “For those of you who don’t sing, if you are nervous in any way, shape or form, and you go to sing down there, it’s a scary place to be. But, it was phenomenal once you both got into it.”

He went on to praise Alison for the emotion she brought to the song, and hailed Angelina’s fearlessness when it comes to choosing songs.


“You’re not afraid of a big song,” Niall told Angelina. “It’s crazy to think that a 17-year-old is able to just conjure up these performances time and time again. You should be applauded for that alone.”

Reba them addressed her team members and told them how proud she was of them.

“Emotion, to me, means a lot. If you can’t portray an emotion to your audience, it’s a song,” Reba said. “Y’all did that in rehearsals. You were still. You were meaningful. You saw what it did to me. I was crying. Today you went back to the way you did it the first time.”

Despite their overall lack of emotion, Reba felt that one artist delivered a little more than the other. When decision time came Reba chose for Alison Albrecht to move on in the competition.

Watch Alison Albrecht and Angelia Nazarian Battle Round performance of “You Say” in the video below.