Reba Responds To Rumors That She Wants To Leave “The Voice” Over Feud with Gwen

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Country icon Reba McEntire joined The Voice for Season 24, and is now responding to rumors of wanting to quit because of fellow coach Gwen Stefani.

If you have ever watched The Voice, you know that during the Blind Auditions, no coach holds back from trying to convince an artist to join their team. Every coach pulls out some sort of schtick, and they even get a little mean! Blake Shelton was arguably the best at lying, conniving, and pulling out all the tricks!

Now that he is gone from the show, the other coaches kind of have to step up their game! His replacement, Reba McEntire, has pulled out all the stops as well.

This season’s Blind Auditions have felt different without Shelton, but all four coaches are filling the void, and have been extra hilarious with one another. Apparently, according to a report from Radar Online, all the “double crossing” and other shenigans on the show have changed McEntire’s mind on if she wants to continue her new gig.

Is Reba leaving The Voice already?

The report says that an insider told their publication, “She didn’t realize how double-crossing it all was, so it’s been a shock, to say the least.”

The same insider told Radar, “Reba came on board with high hopes and the best intentions but she’s sick of it already. She realizes they’re all phonies and she’s had to get sneaky just to be heard — and that’s not her style.”

Radar also reports that McEntire is ready to throw in the towel if things don’t change, especially with Gwen, who the publication has claimed has been “mean” to the Queen of Country.

Reba shuts down those rumors.

While we did not think anything of these “rumors,” the article did gain enough traction for an Extra TV reporter to ask McEntire about it on camera!

“Gwen and I have such a great time…at first she was so intimidating and I thought she was being mean to me,” she admitted. “And then she said “I just want you to like me,’ and I said ,’Well that’s all you had to say,’ and now we’re best friends!”

The reporter even brought up the rumors of her wanting to leave, and McEntire quickly reminded her that they’re in the middle of a season, where would she go?!

Gwen and Reba – Okie Girls

If McEntire’s actual shutting down of these rumors wasn’t enough for you, check out the video below, where both women rave about being Okies – or from the great state of Oklahoma. Gwen is a transplant, and lives there for part of the year with husband Blake Shelton, but McEntire says that Oklahoma claims her now!

It’s clear there is no actual feud between the two women, only love.