The Best 2024 Super Bowl Commercials [Ranked]


The only thing better than the Super Bowl itself are possibly the commercials that air during the Big Game.

The popularity of the game’s ads has only grown over the years, as proven by the price companies are willing to pay to have a 30-second ad televised during the Super Bowl.

In 1967, advertisers paid roughly $67,500, the equivalent of $630,000 today. By 2000, the cost had risen to $2.2 million. This year, companies are reportedly paying $7 million to nab a commercial spot.

The Super Bowl is estimated to draw more than 100 million viewers, making the commercials a potentially profitable investment for big corps willing to shell out some cash to get their product in front of a massive audience.

Fans anxiously await the release of the commercials that have become known for being nostalgic, emotional and clever. Many companies shell out big bucks to land celebrity endorsements which is another big draw for viewers. This year, some country stars will be making their Super Bowl commercial debuts, such as Jelly Roll (Uber Eats), Lainey Wilson (Coors Light). And others are returning, like Willie Nelson (BIC Lighters).

In 2024, companies such as Anheuser-Busch,, BMW, Doritos, Etsy, OREO, Toyota and more will air ads during the Big Game. Many of these commercials were released early to build up game hype. We’ve rounded up ten of our favorites and ranked them below.



Pluto TV went outside of the box with their creative ad that features farmers planting and growing couch potatoes…fields of people in potato costumes, sitting on couches and watching streaming television.


Lindt Chocolate brought one of the weekend’s most feel-good commercials with a lighthearted theme of “Life’s a Ball.” The play on the chocolate’s iconic shape was used throughout as the red foil-wrapped chocolate ball danced through scenes of people enjoying the candy to the tune of Perry Como’s peppy tune, “Round and Round.”

8. COORS LIGHT (feat. Lainey Wilson)

Lainey Wilson makes a cameo in Coors Light’s ad, marking her first Super Bowl ad appearance. She is seen outdoors doing a photo shoot when the Coors Light Chill Train passes by, leaving a cold can of beer and a trail of “chill” in its wake.


It’s tough to beat talking babies. E*Trade brought back its wildly popular E*Trade baby who made his debut in 2008. This year, the talking tot talks investments with a friend while taking on adults in a game of pickleball.


Door Dash has everyone’s attention with their ad that claims they will be giving away products from every single commercial that airs during the Super Bowl this year. That includes everything from mayonnaise to a BMW for an approximate prize value of nearly $500,000.

5. BIC Lighters (feat. Willie Nelson)

BIC knew what they were doing when they enlisted Willie Nelson for their ad campaign. The country legend teams up with Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg to advertise the lighter that is good for lighting…lots of things.

4. UBER EATS (feat. Jelly Roll)

We may be partial, but we think Jelly Roll stole the show with his debut Super Bowl commercial appearance in this ad for Uber Eats. The spot features other notables like Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and Davis Schwimmer, and David and Victoria Beckham.


Regardless of how you feel about the Bud Light controversy that cast a shadow over the beer company last year, you have to admit that the brand made a great move when they decided to bring back their iconic Budweiser Clydesdales for their Super Bowl ad. This is nostalgia at its finest.


Jason Mamoa fans get to see another side of the star in this ad. Mamoa joins actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison for a “Flashdance” inspired commercial that has Jason dancing and (apparently) singing about T-Mobile’s home internet to the tune of “Flashdance.”


Cetaphil tapped into this NFL season’s hottest topic, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, for their Super Bowl ad. While neither celebrity is named specifically, the spot delivers a powerful message about how Taylor’s involvement with the Kansas City Chiefs star has brought families together…especially fathers and daughters.

Check out a few honorable mentions below. And let us know which Super Bowl commercial was your favorite!

Bud Light (and the Bud Light Genie)

OREO – “Imagine a world where the twist of an OREO could change everything.”

BMW – “Talkin’ Like Walken”