Six-String Soldiers Celebrate Independence Day With ‘This Land Is Your Land’

Six-String Soldiers / Facebook

If four active duty soldiers playing one of the most well-known songs about America doesn’t make you feel patriotic, we don’t know what will.

To celebrate the upcoming Independence Day, the Six-String Soldiers, which consists of Master Sergeant Peter Krasulski, Sergeant First Class Glenn Robertson, Sergeant First Class Tom Lindsey and Staff Sergeant James Little, shared their version of the famous folk song “This Land Is Your Land” on their Facebook page.

While marching in unison throughout many different locations, the quartet beautifully harmonized their way through the Woody Guthrie classic.

“As we celebrate 241 years of Independence, we thank the generations of hardworking Americans from all different backgrounds and beliefs that have built this nation,” they wrote accompanying the video. “We are proud to serve you!”

The video truly represents all the different parts of America – rural, urban, and everything in between. We dare you to try and not sing along; it’s almost impossible! Watch their inspiring version of “This Land Is Your Land” below.