Tim McGraw Busts Out “Tiny Dancer” Cover In The Middle Of An Interview

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert / YouTube

The Paramount+ show 1883 premiered on December 19, and it’s pretty much all anyone can talk about…and for good reason.

Six episodes in, the stars of the show are finally doing press and going on late night talk shows, specifically Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, who play Margaret and James Dutton, respectively.

Hill was a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on February 2, while her husband of 25 years appeared on the show one day later.

During McGraw’s appearance, he revealed what happened when he forgot his lines during a scene with the legendary Sam Elliott.

Before saying goodbye to McGraw, Colbert wanted to take advantage of having a Grammy Award-winning musician as his guest.

“We have a mic, and you’ve been known to sing a tune,” Colbert said. “I’m curious if you’d be willing to sing something out to break. I know you didn’t come here to sing, you came here to act…but that part’s done.”

Without hesitation, McGraw said, “Okay!” and told the band what song he wanted to sing, Elton John’s hit song “Tiny Dancer.”

The country singer then belted out the song from his seat and made us realize just what a talent he is! No warm up, no notice, and he just busted out an Elton John hit! Watch it below.