Singing Surgeon Puts Patient To Sleep With George Strait Cover

The Dr. singing to the patient.

Photo right by @themakeovermaster / TikTok. Photo left by M. Tran/FilmMagic - Getty Images

Dr. William J. Vinyard is known as The Singing Plastic Surgeon on TikTok and residing in the beautiful city of Port Saint Lucie, Florida, he has gathered quite a following for his unique pre-surgery ritual of him singing to his patients before they undergo a medical procedure.

A recent video posted by one of his appreciative fans showcases Dr. Vinyard in action. The clip shows a patient lying on a hospital bed, a mask gently covering their face, preparing to fall asleep due to breathing in anesthesia.

As the patient takes deep breaths, a deep country music-styled voice fills the room. It’s Dr. Vinyard, serenading the soon-to-be-operated-on individual with the classic country song, “Amarillo By Morning.”

The Dr. singing to the patient.
@themakeovermaster / TikTok

The video, which has been viewed more than 2.4 million times, sheds light on the surgeon’s dedication to promoting tranquility and comfort among his patients.

The caption accompanying the video reads, “Dr. Vinyard sings his patients to ‘sleep’ to promote serenity and comfort for his patients before their cosmetic procedures.”

It’s a heartwarming effort he makes, committing not only to the physical aspects of his work but also to the emotional and psychological well-being of his patients.

Observing the video, one can’t help but be struck by Dr. Vinyard’s remarkable ability to channel the soulful sound of the legendary George Strait. His rendition of “Amarillo By Morning” is no mere rendition; it’s a very well-sung song and he hits all the deep notes and emotional inflections perfectly.

It’s almost as if he’s spent countless Saturday nights honing his craft on the karaoke stage!

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The Dr. singing to the patient.

However, to truly appreciate the impact of Dr. Vinyard’s serenade, one must witness the video firsthand. The sincerity in his voice and the calm he brings to the room is respectable, transforming what could be an anxiety-ridden moment into a peaceful prelude to surgery.

So, if you’re a fan of George Strait or simply intrigued by the combination of medicine and music, do yourself a favor and watch the surgeon’s soulful rendition below!

Watch The Plastic Surgeon Sing “Amarillo By Morning” Below