Sadie Robertson’s Cousins, Laela And Max Dasher, Impress “American Idol” Judges

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American Idol viewers were treated to a unique moment on Sunday as siblings Laela Dasher and Max Dasher each auditioned separately for the show and both earned golden tickets to Hollywood.

Laela and Max are actually Sadie Robertson’s cousins, who is known from the hit reality TV show Duck Dynasty, which documents the Robertson family’s adventures with their duck call enterprise, Duck Commander.

Laela is also a part of LO Worship, a band that is part of Sadie Robertson’s Live Original ministry.

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On the latest American Idol episode on March 3, the Dasher siblings both wowed the judges with their auditions.

First up was Max who sang “Rock Salt and Nails.”

The judges were all impressed with how great Max sounded at just 18 years old.

Initial feedback came from Katy Perry, who expressed, “You have that sparkle. It’s the stuff, there’s like an undeniable authenticity. It’s like a gold rush.”

“See, what I love about you is you just did your audition exactly the way I would have, freaking out playing the guitar. Like you were trying to break a string. If we can get you to breathe and calm down and understand that you’re pretty d*mn cool man, you’ve got a little bit of magic to you,” Luke Bryan continued.

“Your mantra should be ‘I’m 18 and I look like James Dean,'” Lionel Richie said.

With each judge voting “yes,” Max Dasher secured a ticket to Hollywood.

Watch part of his audition below.


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Next up was Laela who performed “Angel From Montgomery” for her audition.

In a fun turn of events, Max made a surprise return to the audition room, this time accompanied by his sister, Laela. The judges seemed puzzled by the unexpected twist.

“You already got your golden ticket! Get out of here,” Perry joked.

Turns out, Max was there to accompany Laela on the guitar.

The 20-year-old held the judges’ attention, but it seems she didn’t win them over as swiftly as her brother did.

“It’s definitely in the DNA,” Perry remarked after Laela’s performance.

Richie promptly added, “It is in the blood!”

Perry, however, confessed to feeling conflicted when it came time to make the decision.

“Layla, your brother and you have some similarities in delivery in terms of volume. I was hoping for a bit more, and I’m just torn,” she said to her.

After performing solo, Bryan inquired if there were any songs they performed together.

The siblings then delivered a rendition of “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and the Heart, further impressing the judges and securing Laela her golden ticket.

“It’s just magical,” Richie said following their performance. “I don’t know what y’all are gonna do next, but I know I’m gonna like it.”

Richie and Bryan both voted “yes,” while Perry said she was sticking with her gut and voted “no.”

Watch Laela’s audition below.


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Max and Laela are even in a sibling band together!

Two weeks ago, they introduced the news about their new band Dasher, which is made up of Max, Laela, and their friends.

In an Instagram post, Laela wrote, “Introducing [Dasher The Band]. This is just the beginning. Today is a special day because me and Max get to see something come to fruition that is a result of years of storytelling, experiences, and love. We are honored to bring you all into something so near and dear to our hearts. We’ve always been better together.”

Congratulations to Max and Laela Dasher who are officially Hollywood-bound!