Sadie Robertson Shares “The Hardest Thing” After Welcoming Baby #2

Sadie Robertson Huff / Instagram

Sadie Robertson Huff & Husband Christian Welcome Second Daughter

Sadie Robertson Huff and her husband, Christian, welcomed their second child on May 22. They had a baby girl, and named her Haven Belle Huff.

Little Haven joined her big sister, Honey James, who recently turned two.


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From the looks of some photos Sadie shared on social media, she had to have a C-section to deliver Haven. There’s one photo that shows Sadie’s phone next to her head, and the time displayed on the screen is the precise time Haven was born.

“may 22, 2023 at 8:30 am life got a whole lot sweeter!” Sadie said. “peep the time on our phone in slide two and the sheer joy on my face!”

Sadie Robertson Huff / Instagram

How Recovery Has Gone For Sadie After Welcoming Her Second Child By C-Section

Since Sadie had a C-section, her recovery during this postpartum phase has been different than after she gave birth to Honey. For example, Sadie isn’t able to lift anything heavy at the moment as she recovers from her operation.

Unfortunately, that means she can’t pick up two-year-old Honey. Sadie said her inability to hold Honey right now is “the hardest part” of her postpartum journey this time.

“not being able to pick up Honey has by far been the hardest thing of this postpartum season, but thank God for words and the power and love they can carry!” Sadie said in the caption of a video that shows her saying all the things she loves about her eldest daughter.

“every time i start to tell Honey what i love about her she crosses her arms and gets ready to receive,” Sadie said. “it’s so sweet that she starts to say the next thing before i get to it because she knows that’s who she is! she’s heard me speak it before over her and she’s confident to claim it.

You can watch the sweet video of Sadie and Honey below. Sadie is also holding baby Haven in the video, and she’s adorable!