Opry Member Becky Issacs Bowman Hospitalized After Car Accident

Becky Isaacs Bowman/Facebook

Prayers have been requested for Becky Isaacs Bowman who has been hospitalized after suffering injuries in a car accident.

The accident occurred Thursday (December 15) near Bowman’s home in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Bowman, a member of Grammy-nominated family bluegrass band The Isaacs, was struck head-on by a driver who crossed the median after suffering a medical emergency. The driver of the vehicle that struck Becky died at the scene.

News of the accident was shared by The Isaacs on social media along with a plea for prayer. “Please pray for Becky. She was involved in an auto accident near her home in Hendersonville, TN,” the post read. “We are thankful she is alive and trust God is taking care of her.”

Bowman’s sister, Sonya Isaacs Yeary, and her mom, Lily Isaacs, have shared updates throughout her hospitalization.

“She has three broken ribs. Both of her legs were hurt because of the dashboard….her right knee cap is messed up. And both of her tibia bones in her legs are fractured,” the two reported on Facebook during Becky’s surgery on Friday. “It’s going to be a long recovery. But, we’re so thankful she’s alive. Because to see the car and to see what happened, we know how blessed that she’s only sustained these injuries.”

Sonya added that Becky will likely remained hospitalized for a “week or two.” In a Facebook Live on Saturday, Becky addressed her fans and asked for “specific” prayer.

“I believe in specific prayer,” Bowman said. “The prayer that I need the most is that my bones will heal quickly and I’ll be able to walk again soon. And for the claustrophobia and anxiety emotions that I’m feeling being bedridden, and having to have a lot of help…but, I’ll take whatever you want to pray.”

Becky, along with sister Sonya Isaacs Yeary, brother Ben Isaacs and mother Lily make up the southern gospel bluegrass group The Isaacs. The group became members of the Grand Ole Opry in 2021.

The Isaacs are scheduled to tour with Reba in 2023. The Reba: Live in Concert Tour is scheduled to kick off on March 9 in Jacksonville, Florida. The tour will take the artists to 14 cities before wrapping at Madison Square Garden in New York City on April 15.

We wish Becky Isaacs Bowman a full and speedy recovery.