Oliver Anthony Releases Country Love Song “90 Some Chevy”

Photo of Oliver Anthony singing his new song.

Oliver Anthony Music / YouTube

Oliver Anthony shares another video on YouTube, “90 Some Chevy”

Oliver Anthony just dropped a new song and just as you can expect, it’s about every country boy’s normal day life – Chevy trucks, creeks, dogs, workin’, and a good woman’s lovin’.

The song starts off, “That ol’ darlin’ of mine is like a 90 somethin’ Chevy, she rides just right when you turn’er on. The only thing sounds better than that ol’ 350 is when she’s running up to kiss me when I get home…..Let the sun sink good and low, Ain’t no telling where we’ll go, in the back of that 90 somethin’ Chevy.” 

Photo of Oliver Anthony driving in his truck.
Oliver Anthony Music / YouTube

What is the song “90 Some Chevy” about?

The song is about what life is like for the average country boy who’s had a hard week at work and just wants to come home to his loving woman, gather all the things he loves, and head on out to the fishin’ hole to relax, drink a beer, do some fishin’ … And maybe, get some cuddle time in with his woman. Super simple, but it’s something we could all relate to.

Oliver Anthony seems to be the best at singing about the average Joe’s life in a way that’s original, sounds pleasing to hear, and is completely relatable. In fact, many would say this is the number one thing Mr. Anthony is good at – relating to people.

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“90 Some Chevy” is the third video released by Anthony since attaining viral fame for “Rich Men North of Richmond.” The video was preceded by “Virginia” (August 10) and “I Want To Go Home” (August 22).

Photo of Oliver Anthony singing his new song.
Oliver Anthony Music / YouTube

Oliver Anthony rose to fame one month ago with the release of “Rich Men North of Richmond.”

The Oliver Anthony obsession doesn’t appear to be waning. Within a few days of releasing “90 Some Chevy” the music video had raked up nearly 2 million views. “Rich Men North of Richmond” is closing in on 60 million views and several of his songs are resting comfortably on streaming charts.

Oliver Anthony, whose real name is Chris Lunsford, lives in Farmville, Virginia, with his wife, Tiffany, and their two children. He became an overnight viral sensation when he released “Rich Men North of Richmond” on YouTube with the help of RadioWV. The song was immediately embraced as a blue-collar anthem and launched Lunsford into the spotlight as a political voice.

The singer’s new song is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a respite from the political conversations surrounding Oliver Anthony. Hear Oliver Anthony sing “90 Some Chevy” in the video below.