See Oliver Anthony Without A Beard As He Sings Original Song Prior To Fame

Photo of Oliver Anthony sitting in his truck.

Oliver Anthony Music / YouTube

Beardless Oliver Anthony Sings “Rich Man’s Gold”

Everybody’s seen Oliver Anthony and his big red beard singing “Rich Men North Of Richmond,” but how many have seen him with absolutely no beard playing his guitar?

Mr. Anthony is well known for writing ALL of his songs and one song that he wrote and posted to YouTube back in May of 2022 is called, “Rich Man’s Gold.” As usual, he’s sitting in the middle of the woods with his dogs and his unique-looking guitar in his hands. But, this video is unlike the rest because it is the only one that gives us a glimpse of what the singer looks like without a beard!

In the video filmed over a year ago, Anthony isn’t fully clean-shaven but he certainly has a 5 o’clock shadow short enough to see his skin through it….including his dimples!

Oliver Anthony Music / YouTube

Oliver Anthony’s “Rich Man’s Gold”

“Rich Man’s Gold” is a song that’s about a dirt poor family that grew up with little to nothing. Growing tobacco, raising hogs, and having a lot of kids, the main message of the song is that even though you may not have much material wealth in this world, “All you need is a dog, a shack with a creek in the back, and a good woman to hold. You don’t need that Rich Man’s Gold.” 

According to Oliver Anthony, “You gotta start living off the land, and living on love. Giving up thanks to the Lord above.” 

It’s a short and sweet song, but is original and speaks straight facts.

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If you’d like to hear the original song from Mr. Anthony and see what he looks like in a video without a beard, click play below to watch “Rich Man’s Gold.”