Oliver Anthony Confirms That His Wife Is Expecting Their Third Child

Tiffany Lunsford/Instagram

Oliver Anthony made a rare public statement about his family over the weekend by announcing the impending arrival of a new baby.

Oliver Anthony took the music industry by storm this summer with the release of “Rich Men North of Richmond.” The Virginia native’s sudden rise to fame sparked a curiosity about his personal life as new fans sought to learn more about the talented musician.

In social media posts made by the singer after his video for “Rich Men North of Richmond” went viral in early August, he introduced himself to fans. One of the first things he revealed was his real name…Christopher Anthony Lunsford. He also shared that he was a high school dropout who worked numerous “plant jobs” before a bad fall and subsequent head injury forced him to quit.

Lunsford spent the last ten years working in outside sales for the industrial manufacturing industry, and the blue collar workers he met during that time served as inspiration for much of his music.

While Oliver Anthony shared much about his family history, humble upbringing and political views, one thing he did not discuss was the fact that he is married and has children.

New of Anthony’s marital status came from the New York Post who interviewed some musicians in the Farmville, Virginia, area that the musician calls home. It was revealed that Oliver Anthony’s wife’s name is Tiffany Lunsford and that the couple share two children and have another on the way.

Oliver Anthony never addressed these claims and his family has never been seen at any of his events, likely due to their desire to maintain privacy. But, in a surprising statement made to social media on October 4, the 31-year-old singer shared information about a concert in his hometown that will be the last before he takes a break to await the arrival of his new child.

“I had to squeeze in one more show before our baby boy comes at the beginning of November, and there’s no place like home,” Oliver Anthony wrote.

Anthony also shared that he will be home most of November and December, likely to spend time with his growing family, before getting back on the road in early 2024.

See the music video that made Oliver Anthony a household name below.