Ohio Woman Celebrates 105th Birthday With 105 Fireball Shots

Fox News via Fireball

Many things can lead to a long and joyful life, and for 105-year-old Florence Hackman, those things include the Bengals and whiskey. 

Fondly known as “Flo,” she celebrated her 105th birthday in December by enjoying the Bengals-Vikings game, sipping on spirits, and spending time with local firefighters.

Flo resides at the Traditions of Deerfield assisted living community in Loveland, Ohio, and she reportedly enjoys a daily dose of Fireball.

According to the staff, Flo is the “life of the party.”

When Fireball caught wind of Hackman’s affinity for their signature drink, they responded in a legendary gesture. They sent 105 airplane bottles of Fireball to her nursing home, making her birthday celebration even more special.

Florence Hackman celebrating her 105th birthday.
Courtesy of Fox News via Fireball

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The surprise delivery of 105 Fireball shots was personally made by a Fireball staffer, who arrived in style wearing a Fireball blazer.

Hackman told Fox News Digital that she was “totally shocked” by the surprise and “thrilled to see it.”

When asked what she believes the secret to living a full life is, Flo replied, “Just try to be nice to people and try to go one day at a time.”

Florence Hackman celebrating her 105th birthday.
Courtesy of Fox News via Fireball

Florence, a devoted Bengals fan, was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on December 16, 1918.

The Bengals secured a victory over the Vikings on her birthday, adding to the already joyous commemoration, and creating a memorable moment as Flo celebrated surrounded by her loved ones.

According to the Traditions of Deerfield, Flo worked for an insurance company before becoming a homemaker later in life. Hackman is described as a “beloved resident” with a wonderful personality, as noted by the staff in a press release. It’s heartening to see her positive impact and the affection she receives from the community.

Flo’s son revealed the most impressive thing about his mom is, “Her determination. In addition to her kindness and positive attitude.”

The hashtag #FireballFlo circulated on social media as people wished the now 105-year-old a happy birthday.

This wasn’t the first time Florence Hackman made headlines.

On her 104th birthday, she celebrated with a lively party at the retirement facility. Later, a video posted on Facebook around Halloween showcased her playful side as she dressed up as Queen Elizabeth.

Florence is undeniably a spirited individual, and we extend our warmest wishes for continued joy and happiness in her life!

Watch her full interview with Fox19 News below.