New Report Alleges “Yellowstone” Has Been Canceled

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone

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Is This The End For Yellowstone?

Yellowstone fans have been worried about the fate of the series for some time now. The show aired its midseason finale in January, promising to return with the second half of the season this summer.

Shortly after, rumors started swirling about drama behind the scenes. Reports surfaced that the show’s lead, Kevin Costner, wanted to cut down the number of days he’d need to be on set.

Costner’s attorney addressed these reports, calling them “ridiculous.”


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Yellowstone Fans’ Concerns Grow

However, that didn’t help lessen fans’ concerns about the show’s future. Worries increased when members of the main cast failed to show up for a scheduled appearance at PaleyFest in Los Angles.

Keith Cox, the president of development and production at Paramount, addressed fans’ concerns during the panel, saying:

What I can say is our star [Costner], the face of our show and the executive producer, are very confident he’s going to continue with our show.”

What The Yellowstone Cast Knows

When asked about the fate of Yellowstone, cast members are either completely unaware or seemingly optimistic. For example, Lainey Wilson, who plays Abby, told Entertainment Tonight earlier this month:

“I haven’t got a call yetbut as far as I know they don’t even know when they’re going to be filming.”

Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler, made fans freak out over a recent message he wrote to his co-stars Denim Richards (Colby) and Jefferson White (Jimmy). He shared an old photo of the three of them together and said, “see y’all soon.”

Fans wondered if this means Yellowstone will start filming again in the near future.



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Report Claims Yellowstone Is Over

But just one day after Hauser shared that image, the New York Post released a report claiming that Yellowstone has been canceled.

The New York Post cites “multiple sources” who allege Yellowstone will end after Season 5 is complete. However, the outlet reports it’s not known yet when the second half of Season 5 will air, or when those episodes will even start filming.

The New York Post claims an unnamed “production source” told them:

“Hopefully Kevin will return for the remaining episodes if everyone works together, but it looks like ‘Yellowstone’ will end after this season.”

That isn’t encouraging news for Yellowstone fans. But keep in mind, these are unconfirmed reports.

Stay tuned for any sort of official statement from Paramount or the Yellowstone cast and crew.